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Weider Pro 225 L Weight Bench Review

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The Weider Pro 225 L Weight Bench provides a variety of incline, flat, and decline positions, together with a useful leg lockdown feature that keeps you stable throughout your workout.

But at such a competitive price point, how does it compare with some of the similarly priced designs?

In our review, we’ll take a look at the design and workout options in more detail, together with a summary of the customer reviews.

Design features

Weider Pro 225 L Weight Bench

With an increasing number of companies looking to break into the fitness market, Weider remains one of the most trusted names in terms of their affordable range of workout benches.

One of their most competitively priced designs comes in the form of the Weider Pro 225 L, which also provides a full range of decline and flat positions.

Adjusting the angle of the back support is also made easier through the use of a simple locking pin design.

This has meant that there are only two bars that make up the bench frame, making it lighter and much easier to transport.

To help prevent you from sliding down the bench and provide extra support for incline exercises, the Weider Pro 225 L also features a 4-roll leg lockdown brace.

This is essentially two sets of high quality foam rollers attached to the front of the bench that you can wrap your legs around.

If you’ve ever been pressing heavier dumbbells or even curling the weight at an incline, you’ll know how difficult it can be to focus on perfect form and staying stable on the bench at the same time.

Having this feature allows you to focus entirely on the exercise and reach your target rep range.

The wide base stabilizer bars and rubber capped feet also do an excellent job of preventing the bench from sliding on wooden floors.

Weider Pro 225 L Weight Bench

Weider Pro 225 L – Features Summary

  • Ideal for dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts.
  • Adjusts to deliver a personalized workout and proper exercise form with a 90° seat adjustment.
  • Enjoy comfortable stability and a more controlled workout with the 4-roll leg lockdown feature.
  • Durable, vinyl seats add comfort to your training.
  • Maximize your results with the included step-by-step exercise chart.
With a number of flat, incline, and decline positions to choose from, this helps to develop and shape specific muscle groups the way you want

Exercise options

Looking at the decline position and leg lockdown feature alone, this would usually be all you would expect from a bench at this price.

To be able to adjust the back support through the flat and incline positions as well means that you aren’t just limited to decline presses and sit ups.

Although there is the lack of leg developer and attachment options, this is unfortunately a limitation of being provided at such a low price.

If you think your workouts would benefit from having a bench with preacher curl, leg developer, and lat pulldown attachments, then we would recommend taking a look at the Phoenix 99226 Power Pro.

Even without these attachments, when combined with a high quality dumbbell set the Weider Pro 225 L can support a range of upper body exercises. This includes:

  • Chest – Incline flys, flat dumbbell press, decline flys
  • Biceps – Incline dumbbell curls, seated hammer curls, concentration curls
  • Back – Dumbbell rows, pullovers, seated shrugs
  • Shoulders – Overhead dumbbell press, seated side lateral raises
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, overhead extensions
  • Abs – Decline crunches, decline sit ups

Customer reviews

Despite having mixed reviews on shopping sites such as Amazon, the overall impression of the Weider Pro 225 L bench by people who have bought and used it is still generally positive.

As reading customer reviews remains one of the best ways to determine the quality of a product, as well as any potential issues identified during shipping and assembly, we would always recommend reading as many as possible.

If you would rather just read through a quick summary of the pros and cons mentioned in these reviews, then we’ve also provided this in the section below.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Sturdy frame design prevents any unwanted movement during workouts
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Easy to move around
  • Free shipping
  • Wide range of positions lets you create more challenging workouts


  • Some customers reported difficulty with adjusting the position of the locking pin for incline control
  • Pads under the knees may be a little narrow for some people
  • Shorter length of the back support makes it better suited to anyone less than 5′ 8″ tall

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

3.5 / 5

For such a low price, the Weider Pro 225 L Bench offers an impressive range of positions and features. This makes it ideal for dumbbell workouts and lighter barbell exercises.

The 4-roll leg lockdown also to add some extra stability for more controlled training, allowing you to focus more on exercise form.

Despite being a relatively minor issue, if you are at all concerned about the reviews mentioning occasional difficulty adjusting the locking pin, the Universal Five-Position Weight Bench offers similar features but with a 'lift-and-lock' ladder style adjustment instead.

An exercise chart is also included to help you maximize your workout results.

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