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ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer Review

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The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer offers a range of features to help improve the quality and enjoyment of your workouts, including iFit compatibility and an adjustable stride length.

Often available for less than $1000, this review takes a look at the trainer in more detail, including the workout programs, iPad display shelf, and the Google Maps virtual route planning that’s possible via iFit.

We’ve also added a summary of the pros and cons from other customer reviews, to help you decide if this is the best choice of elliptical machine for your own home gym.

Design features

The power adjustable stride allows you to quickly adjust the stride length between 20 and 22 inches

If you are considering buying a new elliptical trainer, ProForm have put plenty of thought into the features for the 1110 E that make it a worthwhile option to have on your shortlist.

Although the addition of a fan isn’t a new idea, most ellipticals only offer a fixed position option, with the fan built into the main display.

In this case, the fan has been built into the flywheel casing, taking just a gentle push to adjust its position.

The ProForm 1110 E also does an excellent job of taking into account variations in foot placement and ankle flexibility, with its oversized traction-control foot pedals.

These foot pedals are part of what creates the adjustable stride, allowing you to change from a 20″ to 22″ stride depending on your height and preference.

This helps to create a more natural running motion, allowing you to reach full sprints without feeling restricted.

If you need to move the elliptical once it’s setup, the front stabilizer has been fitted with a set of transport wheels to help make this easier.

Ease of assembly

One of the most frequently mentioned reasons for lower rated elliptical trainer reviews is the difficulty of assembly.

This isn’t a problem with the ProForm 1110 E, which actually provides more detailed instructions than similarly priced ellipticals by Sole Fitness.

Each of the steps provides part numbers, exploded drawings, and a textual explanation of what’s required to complete that part of the assembly.

To reduce the amount of setup needed when you first take the parts out of the box, the main flywheel housing and rear glide rails are already pre-assembled.

The only real lifting involved is to attach the base stabilizers. With these attached, the rest of the steps are easy enough to follow for one person. This includes the building of the handles and display console mount.

While the instructions are all clear and easy to follow, the ProForm 1110 E comes with an estimated setup time of 60 to 90 minutes.

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 1110 E – Features Summary

  • Made from commercial-gauge solid steel, this machine is built to last
  • 20″-22″ Power Adjustable Stride
  • 32 lb. Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel
  • 20° Digital Quick Incline
  • SMT Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Adjustable Oversized Cushion Pedals
  • Front Mounted Transport Wheels
  • 7″ Backlit iFit Display
  • iFit RaceTrack, iFit Enabled
  • Integrated iPad Holder, iPod Compatible Audio
  • 32 Preset Workout Apps
  • 25 Digital Resistance Levels
  • 8″ Coolaire Workout Fan
  • Wireless Chest Strap Included

Workout programs

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

One of the measures of a high quality elliptical trainer is the range and variety of the workout programs.

While the ProForm 1110 E does offer iFit compatibility for downloading additional programs, it also comes with 32 workouts ready to use straight out of the box.

These have been divided into two main categories; calorie workouts, and performance workouts.

As part of these workouts, you have the option to set specific goals that you want to achieve during your current training session.

Whether you want to burn 500 calories, run for 5 miles, or keep working out for 30 minutes, the ‘Set A Goal’ button allows you to set your target.

In terms of the iFit workouts, these can be downloaded to your schedule from the main iFit website, which we look at in more detail later.

Display console functions and design

Even with the smoothness of the running motion and variety of workout options and incline settings, it’s often difficult to find one specific feature that really sets one elliptical machine apart from another.

The ProForm 1110 E display console

With the ProForm 1110 E Elliptical, one such feature will undoubtedly be the display console.

Going beyond the standard design of providing a few basic functions and a small LCD screen, this particular elliptical combines a large display console with an additional screen to provide a more realistic running experience.

Google maps and workout tracking

One of the best reasons to buy the ProForm 1110 E is its compatibility with iFit.

iFit can be accessed by visiting, where you will find a large collection of both paid and free programs, ranging from the Grand Canyon to Mount Fuji.

These virtual workout programs can then be uploaded to the built-in computer of the ProForm 1110 E, and the virtual course displayed through your iPad screen.

You then progress around these virtual maps as you run on the elliptical, making your workouts much more visually enjoyable and interesting.

There are even custom workout programs that can be downloaded as an extension to those already preset in the console. Each of these workouts is even graded according to its difficulty level, so you can be sure of finding a workout that is challenging for you.

When you complete these workouts, you can then upload your results to the iFit cloud and track your achievements and progress.

Button functions and iFit virtual workouts

The ProForm 1110 E also features quick change buttons on the handles for easy reach mid-workout

With the array of workout options that are available through iFit, this is actually what the majority of the button functions relate to.

Once in iFit mode, you can select to download an iFit workout using the Map, Train, or Lose Weight buttons, depending on your goal for your current workout.

If you don’t want to use one of the iFit workouts, there are various other buttons available for adjusting the incline and resistance of the running motion, as well as for adjusting the volume of the music through the built-in speakers.

You can even setup WIFI to connect the ProForm 1110 E to your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Extra clear LCD screen

Even if you don’t have an iPad to use with the iFit virtual courses, the ProForm 1110 E still includes an impressive LCD screen to display your workout information.

This 7″ screen displays everything you need to keep track of during your workouts, including calories burned, distance, incline, heart rate, speed, and current program.

Customer reviews

While we try to provide as much useful information about the ProForm 1110 E as possible, it’s always best to read up on the reviews written by other customers who have purchased the machine where possible.

Although we were only able to find a few reviews on Amazon, the majority of these were either 4 or 5 stars, resulting in an overall average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

We’ve listed some of the most frequently mentioned positives and negatives from these reviews below, but you can always read these reviews in full on the Amazon site.


  • Smooth running motion
  • Ergonomic and comfortable hand grips
  • Quick to assemble
  • Sturdy machine
  • Easy to navigate controls
  • 8″ fan can be tilted unlike most ellipticals


  • Fan can be a little loud
  • Steep and low placement of the bottle holder can make it difficult to reach during workouts
  • Delivery was later than some customers expected
ProForm Elliptical Trainer Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer has been successfully met its goal of providing effective and enjoyable workouts, for a wide range of heights and fitness levels.

Having the compatibility to iFit is a real advantage, allowing you to train with the Jillian Michaels workout programs, travel the roads of the world via Google Maps, compete with friends and track your progress online.

If you combine these iFit programs with the 32 preset options, as well as the adjustable incline, stride length, and resistance, then there really isn't much more you could ask for from an elliptical trainer.

Product dimensions: 173cm (L) x 66cm (W) User weight limit: 375 lbs

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