Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs 2015

Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is about much more than following a set diet and fitness plan. It’s about finding a healthy way of eating that’s also balanced enough to be achievable in the long-term, while combining the nutrition with a challenging yet enjoyable workout plan.

This may sound simple, but with approximately one third of U.S. adults (33.8%) and 12.5 million children aged 2-19 being classed as obese, it’s clear that making this a part of your everyday life can be incredibly difficult.

One of the best ways to achieve consistent and maintainable results is by making small adjustments to your daily routine on a regular basis. By taking steps like these you can help to reduce the risk of health problems such as heart disease, certain types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

To help reach these goals, there’s often nothing more motivational than seeing someone who has already achieved what you hope to accomplish, and can provide you with some incredibly useful advice on the best changes to make in terms of both nutrition and fitness.

That’s why over the past few months we’ve read through hundreds of sites to pick what have become our own top 10 healthy lifestyle blogs for 2015 and beyond. It was impossible for us to decide on an order, with each blog carefully chosen for its own unique reasons, so the numbers are purely as an indication of where you are in the list.

1. Tone It Up

Tone It Up

Founded by Karena and Katrina, Tone It Up has quickly become one of the fastest growing fitness and lifestyle brands online. But what is it that’s attracted the hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram?

As well as featuring an extensive collection of healthy recipe ideas for every meal of the day, you’ll also find challenging workouts for every muscle group, lifestyle articles on fashion and beauty, and most recently the hugely successful Tone It Up Nutrition Program.

You can also choose to join a thriving online community, which has become the ideal place to read about inspirational success stories, as well as receiving extra support for achieving your own.

Both Katrina and Karena are fully qualified personal trainers and lifestyle coaches, and are experienced in working with top sports brands such as Oakley, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, and Cytosport.

2. Fitness On Toast

Fitness On Toast

A blog that we came across in mid 2013, not long after its launch, and instantly fell in love with.

In the space of less than 2 years, Faya – personal trainer and the creator of Fitness On Toast – has quickly developed her own unique style of blogging, which has already proven incredibly popular.

The photography in itself is stunning, with every shot looking better than most magazines. But if you can draw yourself away from the pictures, there’s also real quality in the writing, with articles covering everything from fashion and fitness in London, to her experiences travelling all over the world.

This combination of fitness, travel, and nutrition has led to some truly unique workout ideas, from leg workouts in Central Park, to Yoga on the 69th floor of Europe’s tallest building. We have a feeling this will remain one of our top blogs throughout 2015 and beyond.

3. Fitnessista


If you’re looking for a wide range of fresh workout ideas that don’t require hours of your day, Fitnessista has an extensive collection that are conveniently quick (less than 30 minutes).

Created by Gina – a NASM certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist – in June 2008, there’s also no shortage of regular posts about family life and nutrition. The great thing is that Fitnessista has been able to produce so much content on a regular basis (up to 2-3 new posts each day!) without sacrificing on quality.

In fact, Gina has recently written a health and fitness book called ‘HIIT It!‘, focussing on creating and maintaining the healthiest lifestyle you can, even with limited time. This is based around not just the highly effective HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style of workouts, but also what’s considered as the HIIT-style of eating.

If you love health, fitness, and nutrition, but still need your fix of travel, you’ll also find hundreds of posts dedicated to the family’s vacations around the world, including Rome, San Francisco, New York, and Vegas.

4. Fit-Bottomed Girls

Fit-Bottomed Girls

Co-founded by best friends Jenn and Erin back in May 2008, Fit Bottomed Girls quickly expanded to covering all aspects of health and fitness.

The original site has proven so successful that there are also now two sister sites called Fit Bottomed Mamas – to cater towards healthy lifestyles for new mothers and families, and Fit Bottomed Eats – entirely dedicated to nutrition and healthy recipes.

To keep up with the rise in popularity, a number of contributing writers have also assisted in growing the site into what it is today. This means that most of the articles you’ll find have been written by NASM certified weight loss specialists and personal trainers, many of which bring across their passion for health and fitness from their own blogs.

Together with a vast workout collection that covers everything from Yoga to Crossfit, you can also choose to read through some quite extensive fitness product reviews, gain motivation from the reader success stories, or even find out which workouts and fitness routines professional athletes and celebs are using.

5. The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean

Created by Lindsay, a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio, The Lean Green Bean is a place where you’ll find some unique healthy recipe ideas, nutritional tips, and workouts, as well as a number of weekly series’.

If you’re unsure about exactly what being a Registered Dietitian means, or are interested in becoming one yourself, Lindsay has actually provided a list of useful links about what to expect from the different rotations as part of a Dietetic Internship.

These walk you through everything you need to know, from orientation to passing your RD exam, and really help you to appreciate just how much work is involved!

One of the things that really attracted us to The Lean Green Bean, and part of the reason it’s in our top 10, is because of the different weekly series articles – in particular the Weekly Eats and Fitness Friday.

While Weekly Eats takes a detailed look at creating a collection of healthy recipes as a twist on the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), Fitness Friday covers the workouts. These are an excellent place to read about Lindsay’s experiences with a wide range of different training methods, from Tabata sprints to CrossFit.

If you have a particular fitness goal in mind, whether it’s to improve muscle tone or lose weight, you’ll also find a number of dumbbell, cardio, and treadmill workouts, as well as a comprehensive list of 50 different circuit workouts.

As well as writing nutrition and fitness articles for The Lean Green Bean, Lindsay has also been interviewed for a number of news sites and publications including Fox News, Shape, Ohio Active, and one of our top 10 CrossFit and workout blogs – WineToWeightlifting.

6. Purely Twins

Purely Twins

With a mission to promote healthy living through smarter workouts and real food recipes, and promote the importance of living a balanced life, the Purely Twins blog was started in October 2009 by certified personal trainers (and twins) Michelle and Lori.

Each post on the site is designed to be motivational and inspiring, and written in such a way that you can take away a number of important lessons that can be used to help you achieve your goals.

In terms of the recipes available, these are all created as gluten-free and soy-free, and if you can’t get enough of great food photography, we think you’ll enjoy the hundreds of recipes you’ll find on the blog, as well as on their popular collection of Pinterest boards.

A large number of workout articles are also available, many of which have been created in a way that means they can be performed at home in a short amount of time, and often with no equipment.

These workouts are a combination of strength training, cardio, and flexibility testing, with an entire category based on real life experiences of pregnancy workouts due to appear on the site shortly.

You can also find a number of articles related to improving your general health, as well as lifestyle tips on both the Purely Twins blog, and a number of influential magazines / websites. This includes FitSugar, Shape, Tone It Up, PopSugar Fitness, and Wellness Today.

The twins have also started the Purely Fit Life Online Fitness Club. This allows access to even more in-depth workout plans, as well as providing you with weekly schedules, workout videos, diet guidelines, and even personalized shopping lists.

7. fANNEtastic Food

fANNEtastic Food

Created back in 2009 by Registered Dietician and marathoner, Anne Mauney, fANNEtastic food is full of useful articles designed to help improve your fitness and create a healthier lifestyle.

When you’re first exploring any new blog, it can be difficult to know where to look first. While there’s certainly no shortage of articles on health tips, running, recipes, travel, and even a full guide to starting your very own blog, we’re actually going to recommend the ‘About Me‘ page.

Aside from explaining what to expect from the rest of the site, you can actually read all about Anne’s journey from working in PR to pursuing her dream of a food-related career, combining her love of writing, food and nutrition, and photography.

This is clearly something that’s been a great success, with a long list of awards and features in publications such as The Washington Post, Women’s Running Magazine, Health Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.

If you love what you read on the site as much as we do and are looking for more of a one-to-one approach to nutrition, Anne also has her own private nutrition counselling practice in Washington DC.

As well as being a Registered Dietician, Anne has a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition, and is passionate about balancing the types of food you eat through an idea known as Intuitive Eating.

Although fANNEtastic food is updated with a new article almost every day, you can also keep up with Anne’s fitness and travel adventures on social media, with an impressive following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

8. The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential

As a lifestyle blogger based in San Diego, Lauryn created The Skinny Confidential as a place where she can share her creative vision on design, as well as her love of fitness, health, fashion, and beauty.

While the fitness posts cover everything from resistance band workouts by the beach, to a love / hate relationship with yoga, you can also enjoy reading about Lauryn’s travels all over the world, in places like New York, Miami, and Venice, Italy.

As well as talking about many of the better known tourist hotspots, you’ll also find some great advice on finding some true hidden gems, as well as restaurant recommendations for some truly amazing food while you’re there.

If you’re most interested in finding out what TSC has to offer from a nutrition point of view, you can find healthy recipes for everything from low-cal salads to gluten free pancakes full of protein.

There’s also a couple of sections dedicated to deserts and cocktails that are great to have as a special treat, but with ingredients that still keep them as healthy as possible. Many of these – such as the Kombucha Spritzer – are also featured in The Skinny Confidential book, which has already received some really impressive reviews.

If you’re thinking about starting your own blog and love the design of The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn also runs a popular blog design company called Blog-Do, which is certainly worth a look.

With the quality of photography and amount of time and preparation that goes into every post, it’s also no surprise that TSC has built up such an impressive following on social media – in particular, visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

9. Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Elise Millen

Originally created as a fashion blog, after a couple of successful years that saw collaborations with the likes of Wildfox and Urban Outfitters, Lydia also started to introduce a number of fitness articles to the blog. These too became extremely popular, and led to work with iconic brands such as JD Sports and Champney’s Health Resorts.

In terms of what to expect from the blog itself, it’s really become a combination of fitness and health, and fashion.

As well as providing some really useful fitness advice and workout ideas, you’ll also find regular reviews of the latest fitness products and apparel, ranging from personal fitness trackers to the new Billabong active range of sportswear.

There’s also no shortage of healthy recipes, which is perfect for anyone that’s looking to overhaul their nutrition plan, or even simply find a recipe for a great Protein Colada.

With hundreds of posts dating back to when the blog first started in October 2011, L.E.M. is a great place to find inspiration for a number of lifestyle choices. Whether your passion is fashion, recipes, beauty, travel, or fitness.

Lydia Elise Millen has also received recognition from a number of leading fitness and lifestyle sites – Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, and Get The Gloss to name a few – as one of the top bloggers to follow for fitness inspiration, both on the blog and via an incredibly popular Instagram account.

10. Carrots N’ Cake

Carrots N' Cake

Originally started as a way to motivate herself to tone up and eat healthily for her upcoming wedding back in February 2008, Tina Haupert’s Carrots ‘N’ Cake blog quickly gained popularity as a place to find articles on how to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

But while nutrition plays a major part in the posts you’ll find on the site, you can also find plenty of articles on Tina’s love for all things fitness.

As well as holding CrossFit trainer and NASM personal trainer certifications, Tina also has a passion for running, yoga, spinning, hiking, and barre classes, many of which are included as part of regular updates on her latest workouts.

Together with over 6 years of nutrition and workout articles, there’s also a large number of lifestyle posts, which includes everything from family life to home projects and travel.

Many of these are part of a regular feature on the CNC blog called ‘What I’m Loving Lately‘, which is a round-up of recent favourites for categories such as health, fitness, beauty, and home improvement ideas.

In addition to all of the work that goes into producing regular posts for her own blog and contributing to the success of others, Tina has written two books that follow the same philosophy as CNC – that it’s possible for “bad” foods to be enjoyed as part of a well-balanced diet when eaten in moderation.

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