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MapMyWalk Instructional User Guide

How To Use MapMyWalk To Track Your Fitness

About MapMyFitness

Although this guide has been created to walk you through the registration process and what to expect from a usability perspective for MapMyWalk, this is actually one of many fitness tracking apps that are available from MapMyFitness.

As a company, MapMyFitness rapidly became one of the world’s largest open fitness tracking platforms, even before it was acquired by Under Armour in November 2013.

At the current time, there are four types of fitness tracking service available from MapMyFitness. These are:

  • MapMyWalk
  • MapMyHike

The beauty of the MapMyFitness platform is that it can integrate seamlessly with over 400 fitness tracking devices, allowing you to track everything from distance walked to calorie expenditure and nutritional data.

How to create a MapMyWalk account
How to discover new cycling routes
Logging workouts and nutrition
Achieving and sharing fitness goals
How to join and create cycling events with MapMyWalk
Features of the MVP paid subscription