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Innova Fitness ITX9250 Inversion Table Review

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The Innova Fitness ITX9250 is one of the lowest priced inversion tables on the market, with a similar offer price to the next model up in the range – the ITX9300.

But how do the two tables compare, and is either option going to be the best solution or preventative measure for back pain and associated health issues?

That’s what we’re going to find out in our review, which also takes a closer look at the design and safety features, as well as people’s experiences once they get the ITX9250 assembled.

Design and safety features

The ITX9250 offers a choice of three pre-defined inversion settings, designed to cater for all experience levels

The Innova Fitness ITX9250 works by providing relief for back pain, easing joint tension, and improving blood circulation without expensive decompression treatments. The process of inversion is designed to elongate the spine, increases the space between the vertebrae, and relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots.

In terms of the ankle holder setting adjustment, you’re looking at a similar design to the Ironman Gravity 1000. This requires you to pull on a short pin that releases the ankle holders, allowing them to move freely.

Although this does a good job of keeping your ankles secure at steeper inversion angles, it does require a higher degree of mobility than the patented ratchet locking system, offered by models such as the Ironman Gravity 4000.

With the ratchet system you have a much longer handle and palm activated release, requiring no pulling on the pin and far less bending down.

Another feature we’ve noticed about the Innova Fitness inversion tables is the difference in weight capacity scaling between models.

Whereas Ironman tables tend to range from 250 lbs all the way up to 350 lbs, Innova Fitness seems to offer closer to 300 lbs on most models.

But despite having a weight limit that’s 100 lbs lower than the top end Gravity 4000 table from Ironman, the frame itself is still incredibly sturdy, which is helped by its four-point pod-style base frame.

Protective caps have also been attached to each of the contact points to prevent any damage to flooring when inverting or during assembly.

Safety features
Due to the price point, you are missing a couple of safety features we’ve found to be quite popular on higher priced inversion tables.

This includes the strap and carabiner clip system that joins the back support and adjustable boom to the front section of the U-frame.

Unfortunately this also makes it more difficult to ease yourself into the steeper incline angles gently, with very little to restrict the table’s range of motion.

What you have in place of the safety strap we’ve seen on Ironman models is the exclusive 3 inversion position safety bar, providing you with slight, moderate, and advanced inversion settings.

Although this doesn’t quite offer the same flexibility of angle choice as the safety strap design, it’s certainly a feature that’s much appreciated on such an affordable design. Having these predefined settings also makes it much easier to switch between them, compared to the strap designs that offer no clear markings for the current setting.

Innova Fitness ITX9250 Inversion Table

Innova Fitness ITX9250 – Features Summary

  • Breathable Mesh fabric back pad with head rest allows for maximum comfort
  • Exclusive 3- Inversion position safety bar allows for safe and consistent inverting
  • 4-point, pod-style base frame for extra safety and stability on both even and uneven surfaces
  • Foam leg rollers and Soft Touch foam handlebars for added comfort
  • Folds up for easy storage

Comfort and cushioning

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the Innova Fitness ITX9250 and the other inversion tables in their collection is the lack of back support cushioning.

Although you do have the head support, this is still a long way from the comfort provided by the memory foam of their later ITX9700 model, which also has a lumbar pad for heat therapy.

In place of this cushioning you have a breathable fabric that does a good job of keeping you cool, but doesn’t offer the same level of support as most other tables.

The foam leg rollers are certainly useful for holding your ankles securely in place, but aren’t cushioned and ergonomically molded like some of the higher priced designs.

The full length safety handles have also been coated to provide a softer grip if you need assistance returning to the upright position.

Health benefits

Although inversion tables have been known to carry a wide range of health benefits, it’s important to mention that to see the greatest results they should be used as part of a wider combination of preventative treatments.

This includes an array of lifestyle changes, such as improving your posture, maintaining a calcium and vitamin rich diet, and including a range of stretching exercises alongside your usual workouts.

But even on its own, scientific studies have shown the inverting can provide the following:

  • Relief for back pressure placed on discs made possible by elongating the spine
  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body (one of the reasons this isn’t recommended for anyone with high blood pressure)
  • Relieves muscle aches and stress
  • Relieves pressure on ligaments and nerve roots

Inversion therapy also provides tremendous therapeutic benefits for those suffering spine related problems.

Ease of assembly and storage options

Assembly instructions are easy to follow, with clear diagrams and vacuum packed parts for each step

Despite having fewer steps to follow than higher priced models, the assembly process is actually slightly longer. This is due to the additional parts that need fitting together, with very little pre=assembly done for you prior to packaging.

However, you do get some assistance as each of the parts you need are vacuum packed into sections, which in-turn correlate to a specific step in the user manual.

Because there’s nothing hugely complex about the assembly, it shouldn’t take much longer than 60-75 minutes to get everything setup and ready to use.

This is helped by the clarity of the textual explanations, which have been combined with large exploded diagrams and part numbers for easy reference. All the tools you need are included.

Storage options aren’t bad either, and although you’re unable to fold the U-frame together and leave it freestanding, the footprint can still be significantly reduced.

This is similar to the Ironman Gravity inversion tables, where the ankle holders will also extend beyond the width of the frame slightly.

Customer reviews


  • Folds for easy storage
  • Affordably priced
  • Smooth inversion motion
  • Lightweight frame is easy to move around if required
  • Pre-defined settings offer an extra degree of safety for anyone that’s new to inversion therapy
  • Clear assembly instructions are easy to follow
  • A large number of customers have experienced a range of health benefits after regular use, such as negating damage to herniated discs


  • Lower weight capacity than the Ironman range of inversion tables
  • Slightly shorter height range than similar designs (Ironman, Teeter Hang Ups)
  • Some people found the ankle clamps difficult to adjust (a problem that the Ironman Gravity 3000 solves)

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: 1 year
Innova Fitness Inversion Table Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

If you're looking for an inversion table on a limited budget, you'll struggle to beat the ITX9250 for its low price point and combination of features.

Although the weight capacity is slightly less than some of the models in the Ironman Gravity collection, and the warranty is lower than Teeter Hang Ups (5 years instead of 1), you do still benefit from the range of preset inversion settings and lightweight frame.

The height range is slightly shorter than the higher priced models, although there's really only a few inches difference.

If your budget can stretch to an extra $30-$40 we would also recommend taking a look at the Innova Fitness ITX9600. This is a heavier duty model (300 lb capacity) with the same height range as Ironman tables and full back support cushioning for a comparatively lower price.

Product dimensions: 50" (W) x 64" (H) x 26" (L) Product weight: 52 lbs Weight capacity: 250 lbs Height range: 5'1" to 6'3"

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