Concord Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

The Concord Sapphire Pulse Oximeter measures SpO2, pulse strength, and pulse rate in 10 seconds, has a 30-hour battery life, and over 3,500 reviews on Amazon.

Accurately monitoring your blood oxygen levels using pulse oximetry can be useful for a range of physical activities, such as hiking or cycling.

But how accurate is the Concord Sapphire Oximeter, and is it worth buying?

In this review, we’ll guide you through the design features, customer feedback, warranty coverage, and how to achieve the most accurate readings.

We’ve also included comparisons with similar devices, to help you decide if this is the best oximeter for you.

Design Features

Concord Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Due to the clip size, the Concord Sapphire is designed for anyone over the age of 7. For smaller fingers and younger children, we would recommend the Zacurate Children Oximeter.

The display is virtually identical to the CMS 50-DL oximeter from Contec, and shows pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) and a bar chart to indicate pulse strength.

After writing a number of oximeter reviews, it’s become clear that the market is split on whether or not a device has a rotational display. Roughly 50% of the devices we’ve reviewed have a fixed display, while the other 50% let you rotate the feedback for easy viewing.

Fortunately the Concord Sapphire lets you rotate the screen. This caters for you taking the reading yourself as well as for a caregiver or someone taking the reading for you.

There’s no plethysmograph or auditory alarm if your pulse rate or Sp02 exceeds upper and lower limits. The pleth waveform is useful for checking the consistency of your heart rate, while the alarm can help alert you to any medical issues.

If these features sound important to you, we can recommend 3 other pulse oximeters on the market that have both. These are: the Vive Precision Oximeter, Zacurate 500D, and Innovo Deluxe.

We also found it useful that Concord include a carry case as well as a silicone cover to protect the device. This is in addition to a lanyard that can be worn around your neck to keep their Sapphire oximeter within easy reach.

How is it Powered?

The Concord Sapphire oximeter uses 2 x AAA batteries, which provide enough power for up to 30 hours of use. There’s also an automatic power-off feature, which turns the device off after 8 seconds of inactivity. That’s quicker than the Zacurate 500D (15-20 seconds), but slower than the Contec CMS 50-DL (5 seconds).

A low battery indicator is also a useful feature that helps prevent inaccurate readings due to a lack of power.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to charge the Concord Sapphire externally, using an AC adapter or USB cable. This is a common issue with home oximeters, but you can save money by using rechargeable batteries. A pack of 8 shouldn’t cost much more than $10-$12.

Concord Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Concord Sapphire Oximeter – Product Summary

  • Quick, accurate, and easy-to-use
  • One button to show your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and pulse strength
  • Bright red LED display allows you to read results in the dark or bright light
  • SpO2 range: 70-99%
  • SpO2 accuracy: 70-99%, +/-2%
  • Auto-Power-Off after 8 seconds when finger is removed saves batteries
  • Over 30 hours of continuous use on 2 AAA batteries
  • Low battery indicator lets you know before your batteries stop working
  • Includes batteries, carrying case, neck/wrist lanyard, shock resistant protective cover, and custom foam-padded box
  • Also available in a deluxe version, with 2 plethysmographic waveforms
  • For adult and paediatric use (7 years and up)
  • Manufactured for USA-based Concord Health Supply, with USA technical phone support
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty

Accuracy and Ease of Use

Vide: How to Use the Concord Sapphire Oximeter

Tips for Accurate Pulse Oximetry

The most common reasons customers gave for lower review ratings on Amazon relate to accuracy.

That’s why we’ve added a quick guide for how to achieve the most accurate Sp02 and pulse readings with the Concord Sapphire Oximeter.

  1. Ensure batteries are installed correctly
  2. Open the clamp
  3. Insert finger into the clip, with your fingernail facing upwards towards the screen
  4. Ensure your fingertip is directly in between the LED light source and LED sensor
  5. Release the clamp
  6. Press the button on front of the device once
  7. Keep finger and body still while the oximeter is taking its readings

What Should You Avoid?

Poor blood circulation can cause inaccurate or results. Warm your hands and fingers before taking the reading to increase blood flow.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also advised against wearing nail varnish or allowing bright light to enter the sensor. The color from nail varnish can absorb light from the oximeter and interfere with detection of oxygenated haemoglobin.

Certain medical conditions can also affect the accuracy of pulse oximetry. If you have hypotension, anaemia, tachycardia, hypothermia, or bradycardia, we recommend seeking advice from your physician.

A recent scientific study has shown that the highest Sp02 tends to be in the middle finger of the right hand. Conversely, the lowest is in the middle finger of the left hand, which is why we recommend using the same finger each time.


  • 2 years

Who Are Concord?

Concord Health Supply, Inc. is a worldwide distributor of pulse oximeters and health supplies, based in Chicago.

Their own line of devices are some of the top-rated oximeters on Amazon, with thousands of positive reviews across this design and their deluxe version.

The main method of contact with customer services is via email, but they also have a US-based contact number and address. Full details of how to get in touch with Concord Health Supply can be found on their official website.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

Our own oximeter reviews provide you with in-depth information and comparisons between the best devices.

But it’s also useful to check the feedback from as many people as possible, as not everyone has the same experience.

How easy was it to take a reading? Was customer service helpful and easy to contact? Were the readings accurate, and how comfortable was the fingertip grip?

The problem is, the best oximeters have thousands of reviews, and finding the most valuable information can be time consuming.

That’s why we did the leg work for you.

Listed below you’ll find a summary of the pros and cons for the Concord Sapphire Oximeter, based on direct customer feedback.


  • Useful for determining the degree of oxygen saturation in your blood
  • Lanyard provides a simple way to carry the device with you during sports or hiking
  • Exceptional warranty for a pulse oximeter – most only offer 12 to 18 months
  • Provides feedback on both your pulse rate and O2 blood level – perfect for high altitude trekking
  • Proactive USA-based customer service that helped resolve any questions or issues quickly
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Carry case helps protect the device while travelling
  • Silicone cover helps keep the sensors clean
  • Variety of bright case colors makes it easy to find, especially yellow
  • Calibrated to match the accuracy of devices in the doctors office of many customers
  • Bright LED display and large text makes results easy to read in low light
  • More affordable than many oximeters, including bestsellers from SantaMedical, Innovo, and Vive Health
  • Highly durable case protects against knocks and minor damage
  • Fast shipping


  • Accuracy of readings can be compromised if your finger is too cold or too much movement, but this is typical of most oximeters. Always try to take readings with warm fingers to improve accuracy
  • Some professional users, such as physical therapists, found it took too long to register a reading. This was a problem when they wanted to measure the response to therapies, before the patient became fully rested again
  • Also worth mentioning that this isn’t designed for children, as it doesn’t fit the smaller fingers. The Zacurate Children Oximeter would be a better option
  • Orientation of the display cannot be changed, making it better suited to a caregiver taking the reading rather than self-checking
Oximeter Buying Guide

Concord Sapphire Oximeter Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

So, is the Concord Sapphire Oximeter worth buying?

At the time of writing this review, the price was just under $19. Unless you want more advanced features, like data storage or USB charging, this is about average for a home oximeter.

In terms of features, the multi-direction display is an excellent addition. The range of colors you can buy the case in is also quite innovative, and not something you see with many of these devices.

However, it faces stiff competition from the Zacurate 500D, which only cost $1 more, but also had the alarm function and an additional 10 hours on the battery life.

But the Sapphire has an industry-leading 2-year warranty, double that of the 500D.

Overall, the Concord Sapphire is an accurate and consistent oximeter for checking your Sp02 and pulse rate levels. But if you've been told by a medical professional to seek any specific treatment if your levels measure outside a specific range, you'll need the alarm that's built into the Zacurate 500D.

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