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Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack Review

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With its 750 lb weight capacity and safety rail design, the Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack is built to support all the weight you need to achieve your new one rep maxes.

In our review, we take a look at the design features, workout options, and customer reviews. We’ve also added comparisons with one of the most popular racks from XMark fitness, to help you decide if the DF4500 is the best power rack for your own home gym.

Design features

If you’re looking to buy a new power rack / squat rack, you should generally expect to be looking at spending between $300 and $400 for a basic design.

Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack

But just because we use the word ‘basic’ doesn’t mean there is any drop in quality, it just means you shouldn’t expect to find a rack that includes lat pulldown tower attachments, resistance band support, or even weight plate storage pegs.

You should still have no problem finding a rack that offers a set of adjustable safety rails and barbell supports at this price range though, which is exactly what the Deltech Fitness DF4500 has to offer.

The 750 lb weight capacity is significantly higher than with many of the $300 racks, which will prevent you having to pay for a rack that supports more weight in the future once your strength improves.

Matching the power rack design to your style of lifting

Although there are lower priced racks available, you really have to think about the type of weightlifting you do in your current workout plan.

Do you do low rep sets and frequently attempt one rep max lifts? If so then you will certainly need the safety rails inside a full frame rack.

If you’re simply looking for a way to support your general fitness workouts and are more interested in higher rep sets of 8 to 10 reps, then you might be able to make do with a lower priced rack with a more open design.

One last important feature to mention is that the Deltech Fitness DF4500 has barbell supports on the outside of the rack.

This is for both the safety rails, and the individual barbell supports, and is considered a ‘must have’ feature for anyone that wants to perform overhead presses and deadlifts with a bit more free space.

Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack

Deltech Fitness DF4500 – Features Summary

  • Heavy Gage Steel Tubing
  • Weight Catches are Designed With Hooks on the Inside and Outside of the Rack
  • Chin-Up Bar
  • Weights and Bar not included
  • 750 lb weight capacity

Upper body workouts

With plenty of width between the frame uprights inside the rack, the DF4500 can easily be combined with an adjustable FID workout bench to perform some of the most important upper body exercises.

The base frame has even been extended back to allow you to position the bench at a more comfortable position between the uprights.

After a few quick adjustments using the pull-pin locking mechanism on the barbell supports, you can switch from incline to flat, and even decline bench press in a matter of seconds.

If you did want to expand this rack at any point in the future, Deltech Fitness also offer their DF830 Lat Attachment tower to allow you to turn the DF4500 rack into more of a complete home gym system.

This would also expand the range of upper body exercises considerably, with its low and high pulleys and weight plate loaded resistance system.

Lower body workouts

Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack

With squats being such an effective exercise for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors, they’re probably already a part of your leg training workouts.

But unlike at most commercial gyms, if you want to include squats in your own home workouts, you probably won’t have access to a spotter.

Because the Deltech Fitness DF4500 is fitted with height adjustable safety rails, you can perform this exercise in complete confidence.

The muscles can be worked to failure without fear of injury or getting pinned under the bar.

Using the barbell supports on the outside of the rack, you can also perform stiff legged deadlifts for targetting your hamstrings, and front squats for greater emphasis on your quads.

If you already own a FID bench with leg developer attachment, you’ll find that these compound mass building exercises are a great way to pre-exhaust your muscles before isolating them with extensions and curls.

Deltech Fitness DF450 vs. XMark XM-4430

Although it’s important to know the features of the Deltech Fitness DF450 rack, it’s also useful to know what other racks are available at a similar price point.

Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power Rack

If you’re looking to make a comparison, it’s worth considering power racks by the likes of Body Solid, Cap Barbell, Valor Athletics, and XMark Fitness.

Due to the similarity in price, we wanted to make a quick comparison with the XM-4430 model from Xmark Fitness (earlier model of the XM-7620).

In terms of their main design features, both are very similar, with a set of safety rails kept separate from a separate set of height adjustable barbell supports.

You also have the pull up bar added across the top of the frame, for performing a variety of pull up and chin up variations.

There is a slight difference in the weight limit though, with the DF450 supporting 50 lb more than the XMark model, at a 750 lb capacity.

There’s also a difference in the number of adjustment positions on the vertical frame uprights, with the XMark rack offering 24, but the Deltech Fitness rack offering just 16.

These smaller adjustments can certainly make the difference when you’re working to strengthen any ‘sticking points’ in a particular lift, but generally the 16 will be close enough together to provide a similar level of support.

One final feature where the XMark model stands out is in the parallel dip bar attachment. This isn’t something we’ve seen on any other rack, so we’re not surprised it isn’t a feature of the DF4500.

Customer reviews

Despite not having the same high number of customer reviews as the bestselling BD-7 rack from Valor Athletics, there are still a number of helpful customer reviews currently available on Amazon.

With no electronics and minimal moving parts, there’s not as much that can go wrong with a power rack compared to say, an elliptical trainer.

But it’s still useful to know how well the rack performs under different weights, and how easy it is to adjust the bar supports and safety rails.

You’ll find the full reviews on Amazon, but we’ve also provided a quick overview of the most relevant and useful information in the lists of pros and cons below.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Detailed assembly instructions provided in the user manual
  • Having the bar supports separate to the safety rails has made it easier to perform barbell rows and deadlifts
  • Expandable rack design allows for you to add a lat pulldown if needed for future workouts
  • Excellent customer service from Deltech when replacement parts are needed
  • Safety rails adjust using pins on each side. This means you don’t need to worry about paint chipping or clanking associated with saber style rail designs


  • Push / pull pins do require more time adjust than racks with a gun rack style design

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

With a sturdy frame and high weight capacity that's backed up by excellent customer service, the Deltech Fitness DF4500 power rack is currently available for a surprisingly low price.

The high average rating is also a reassuring sign that other people who have bought and used this rack, loved the way it looks and works.

We mentioned in the customer reviews that the push pin safety rail design differed from saber style designs.

If you like the look of the DF4500 but prefer the saber style rails and need a higher weight capacity, Deltech Fitness also make a heavier duty DF820 rack.

Product dimensions: 81" (H) x 48" (W) x 54" (L) Weight capacity: 750 lbs

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