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Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench Review

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The Body Solid GDIB46L is one of the best olympic weight bench systems on the market. Your workouts can benefit from incline and decline positions that simply aren’t available on the SDB351G (decline only) and SFB349G (flat only).

But with over a dozen freestanding benches in their collection, is this combination design limiting your exercise options? Does the SDIB370 actually represent better value for money?

In our review we’ll answer this question by comparing the GDIB46L to other bestselling weights benches in the Body Solid collection. This should help you find the best design for your strength goals and budget.

Design features

Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench

The GDIB46L PowerCenter Combo Bench offers the full range of angles you would expect from a high quality FID bench, with 6 positions from decline, through to flat, incline, and even 90 degrees if you want to perform shoulder presses.

The adjustment system for the different settings is based on a sliding carriage design, so it’s not quite as quick to change as the ‘lift and lock’ ladder style adjustment of benches like the PFID130X or heavy duty GFID71.

The frame itself is constructed from extra-heavy 12-gauge steel for added strength, while the DuraFirm™ back and seat pads provide a much needed layer of comfort when pressing heavier weights.

As for the rack, you can adjust the height settings of the uprights to position the bar at a level that’s optimal for your arm length and angle of the bench. However, you don’t have any form of safety rails to prevent the bar from moving below a certain height, making it impossible to continue a set to the point of failure.

If you’re looking to perform lower rep strength work, we would generally recommend a power rack like the Body Solid PPR200X, or at least a rack with safety rails, such as the SDIB370 (more on this later).

At the front of the bench you also have a built-in leg developer, which allows you to perform isolation exercises for lower body muscle groups, including leg extensions and hamstring curls.

Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench

Body Solid GDIB46L – Features Summary

  • All-in-one flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, shoulder press, and leg developer
  • Set of multi-position, telescoping uprights safely hold the bar for bench exercises
  • 6-position, adjustable DuraFirm seat back is extra thick and won’t bottom out
  • 6-roller leg extension/leg curl station lets you strengthen and tone your leg muscles
  • High-tensile-strength welded steel mainframe; measures 46 x 43 x 77 inches (W x H x D)

Attachment options

One of the main benefits of buying a weights bench or rack from Body Solid is that they’re often compatible with a number of attachment options, which can help extend the range of exercises available.

This is true of the GDIB46L, where you can add the following attachments:

  • Preacher Curl Station (GPCA1)
  • Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley (GLRA81)

Between them, these attachments can help increase muscle strength and size in your biceps, rear delts, back, and even triceps. There’s also no need to worry about setting up heavy weight plate stacks like you would with most multi gyms, as the resistance for both attachments is created using standard weight plates.

This means that the same plates you slide onto the barbell can also be used on the high and low pulley attachment, as well as the preacher curl and leg developer. However, you would need to purchase the barbell for the preacher curl, weight plates, and any collars you needed separately.

Comparison with the SDIB370

Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench

Despite the price difference between theGDIB46L and the top-of-the-line SDIB370, we still wanted to include a quick comparison to highlight some of the major differences between these two designs.

Firstly, the SDIB370 features a weights bench that’s completely freestanding and isolated from the main rack, meaning it can be moved to a different location for use during dumbbell workouts, using the built-in transport wheels.

The bench itself is actually Body Solid’s SFID325 ProClub model, which includes a tapering back support with added protection and cushioning for your lower back, as well as a quick and easy ladder style adjustment system.

With a weight capacity of over 1000 lbs, the bench that accompanies the SDIB370 is also one of Body Solid’s strongest, constructed from 2″x3″ 11-gauge steel and with a convenient carry handle to make it easier to switch locations.

Unfortunately you don’t get any attachment options, which is one of the main advantages of the lower priced GDIB6L, as well as its affordability.

The rack that’s included with the SDIB370 offers the same 1000 lb weight capacity as the bench, with a 7° reverse pitch to the frame that keeps the racking points closer to your body throughout its natural lifting path.

A set of safety rails are also included, which can be set low enough to support you during decline bench presses, and high enough to provide added peace of mind during overhead presses.

Overall, the SDIB370 is one of the strongest bench rack combinations available for home gyms, and is perfect for supporting big compound exercises such as bench presses and deadlifts.

The GDIB46L is a better option if your space and budget is a little more limited, and if you want the ability to upgrade the range of exercise options in the future as your training progresses.

Body Solid Weights Bench Buying Guide

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame and welds: Lifetime
  • Upholstery: Lifetime

The lifetime warranty provided by Body Solid is the best in the industry, with lifetime coverage on everything from the frame to the upholstery, but excludes damage to the paint used to coat the frame.

This is valid as long as you’re the person that originally purchased the bench, and that the bench is only used in a non-commercial environment (home gym).

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

If you're looking for the strongest bench for your home gym, your best option is still going to be the SFID325. But unless you're going to be loading it with a weight close to the 1000 lb capacity, the GDIB46L represents a more affordable and versatile alternative.

However, while the optional attachments are a great way to increase your exercise options, you have to consider how much you would end up spending if you added both the preacher curl and lat tower.

In our opinion the GDIB46L is still a considerable upgrade over the earlier BFOB10 Best Fitness Olympic Bench, but we still hold a preference for combinations where you can separate the bench from the rack, as they tend to offer greater freedom when it comes to exercise choice. If your budget can stretch to it, we would certainly recommend giving some thought to the SDIB370 for supporting long term strength gains.

Product dimensions: 77"L x 46"W x 43"H Weight capacity: 450 lbs Product weight: 110 lbs

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