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Body Solid Weights Bench Reviews

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In addition to their home and commercial gym systems, Body Solid has an impressive adjustable weight bench collection. This includes everything from Hyperextension Boards to high-strength Flat Incline Decline (FID) designs.

Overall the collection is a similar size to that of XMark Fitness, although the Body Solid benches generally offer a higher average weight capacity.

This does result in a slightly higher price tag, but considering the experience they have in producing commercial grade strength equipment, and the lifetime warranty on frame and welds, they’re certainly worth the money.

The majority of the Body Solid weights benches are free standing, which means they’re not connected to a rack and can be moved between workout areas using built-in transport wheels.

Most also feature DuraFirm™ Upholstery, which helps to provide a more comfortable base for your back when performing heavy pressing movements, such as the bench press and shoulder press.

To help cut down on the risk of any damage to parts, Body Solid usually favors a ladder-style incline and decline system. This allows you to simply lift the back support and lock it at your chosen position, which is similar to the system used by XMark. There are only a couple of exceptions which use a sliding carriage style of incline adjustment, which are the FID46 and GDIB46L.

If you’re serious about performing heavy pressing exercises, either with dumbbells or in a squat rack, power cage, or smith machine, Body Solid workout benches are an excellent choice.

But how do you know which offers the incline settings you need, and does it offer the best balance of affordability and weight capacity?

To help answer these questions we’ve put together this buying guide, which offers a quick summary of the key features for each bench, as well as a link through to a more in-depth review.

Body Solid FID46

Body Solid FID46 Workout Bench Review

Review rating: 4 star review rating
The FID46 Olympic leverage bench is one of Body Solid’s commercial rated designs, meaning you benefit from a lifetime warranty for in-home personal usage. This covers everything from the frame and welds through to the padding and parts.

As testament to the high overall build quality and commercial design, the FID46 has a weight capacity of over 1000 lbs, with a heavy duty 3″ steel frame and wide base for improved stability.

Although this is one of the few Body Solid benches to use a sliding carriage design for the incline settings rather than a ladder system, this doesn’t take anything away from its strength and reliability.

It’s also the only one of their weights benches to include a set of cushioned grip handles below the padded head section, which is the perfect position for if you perform lying hamstring curls during a leg workout.

The leg developer itself is completely optional, meaning you can slide it out of the way if you prefer the extra space when performing bench presses and dumbbell exercises.

Key features:

  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs+
  • Positions: 9

  • Product weight: 119 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime in-home

With a weight capacity of 1000 lbs, there’s no doubt the FID46 is an incredibly strong bench, setting it on the same level as designs like the Ironmaster Super Bench. But how does it compare to other designs in the Body Solid collection?

In our full review you’ll find comparisons with similarly priced weights benches for home gyms, as well as more information on the exercise options, customer feedback, and overall design features. We’ve also included a link below for checking the current best price and availability.

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Body Solid SFID325

Body Solid SFID325 Pro Club-Line Bench Review

Review rating: 4 star review rating
Compared to the FID46, the Body Solid SFID325 features more of a commercial gym design, with no leg developer or coated handles for supporting lower body exercises.

Despite the differences in frame design, the 2″x3″ eleven-gauge steel has resulted in a smaller footprint, while still maintaining the same 1000 lb+ weight capacity. You also have a wide range of incline and decline positions for both the back support and the seat, which helps you maintain a strong posture during each exercise.

Because the SFID325 is a commercial grade bench capable of supporting such heavy weights, the back pad has been tapered from the head section to provide greater support and protection for your lower back.

This thick, durable padding is typical of the quality we’ve found on Body Solid weights benches, and provides a wipe clean surface that’s easy to maintain.

Although this is a bench that’s capable of supporting dumbbell workouts, the transport wheels and handle at the front make it easy to roll inside a squat rack or power cage if required.

Key features:

  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs+
  • Positions: 7

  • Product weight: 74 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25.5″W x 57.5″L x 18″H

To find out more about the design features and exercise options for the SFID325, as well as how it compares to similarly priced benches and the best type of rack to pair it with, it’s worth taking a look at our in-depth review.

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