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Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor Review

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The Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is produced by Greater Goods, and supplied with a cuff that fits wrists from 5.3″ to 8.5″ in circumference.

Features include a Position Assistant guide, irregular heart beat detection, a 120-reading memory, and clear systolic and diastolic readings via the large LCD screen.

But how does it compare to the bestselling devices from Omron, such as the 7 Series or 10 Series?

In our review, we’ll take a close look at the design features, ease of use, accuracy, and customer feedback. This is to decide whether the Balance device is the best home BPM for you.

Design Features

The Balance 0606 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is supplied with batteries and a useful soft pouch carry bag

Every home blood pressure monitor we’ve reviewed detects your blood pressure using the oscillometric method. Omron, Vive Precision, and Greater Goods all subscribe to using this method in their devices.

Oscillometric is considered excellent for accuracy, and easier to use than a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer. It’s also more user friendly, with automatic cuff inflation and deflation.

The backlit LCD display shows your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, current user ID, and current date/time. All blood pressure readings are displayed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

Another useful feature is the Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHB). This is something we first saw on the upper arm version, and uses the same formula as the blood pressure monitors from Vive Health.

That is, the device records heartbeat intervals and calculates the standard deviation. If the calculated value is 15 or more, the IHB symbol illuminates on the screen.

You can also use the built-in position assistant (enabled by default) to guide your wrist to the position where you’ll get the most accurate reading. This should be level with your heart.

How is it Powered?

Greater Goods is one of the only companies that backlight the display on their blood pressure monitors. It’s one of the few features that Omron devices don’t have.

But how does this impact the battery life?

One of the downsides with wrist BPMs is that they rely entirely on batteries. If you need a monitor that can be powered using an AC adapter and electrical outlet, you’ll need the upper arm version.

Fortunately, wrist monitors tend to use smaller and fewer batteries. The Balance Wrist BPM requires just 2 ‘AAA’ batteries, which is the same as the Omron devices.

How Good is the Built-In Memory?

So, what about deleting blood pressure readings?

Almost every BPM we’ve reviewed automatically deletes the oldest reading once you fill the memory. This is also true of the Balance 0606 Wrist BPM.

But what’s frustrated us in the past is the inability to select and delete specific records. Omron, Vive Health, and Panasonic only allow you to completely clear the memory for the current user profile.

Being able to scroll through and delete a single measurement is one of the features that makes the Balance 0606 stand out.

When the monitor is off, you can press the ‘MEMORY’ button, select the user profile, then use the ‘ARROW’ buttons to find the measurement and delete it. You also have the option to delete all measurements for a specific user.

Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Balance Wrist BPM – Product Summary

  • Accurate results backed by an extended warranty and a dedicated US service team.
  • Assistant and precision sensors work together to give reliable results.
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen, adjustable cuff, storage case, & more.
  • Made the right way, and a piece of your purchase helps Love146 fight trafficking.
  • Cuff fits wrists from 5.3″ to 8.5″ (13.5cm to 21.5cm) in circumference
  • Requires 2 ‘AAA’ batteries

Accuracy and Ease of Use

10 Tips For Accurate Readings

  1. Keep your body as still as possible while the monitor is taking a reading
  2. No exercise, smoking, or caffeine within 30 minutes of measuring your blood pressure
  3. Have at least 15 minutes of rest before measurements
  4. Sit in a solid chair (not sofa or soft cushions), with your back straight and supported
  5. Keep your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor
  6. Rest your arm on a flat horizontal surface, with your upper arm at heart level
  7. All clothing covering the cuff location should be removed
  8. Ensure the room is a comfortable temperature
  9. Measure at the same time every day
  10. Take three readings, each one minute apart. With the Balance Wrist BPM, press the ‘MEMORY’ button when the power is off, use the arrow buttons to select your user number, then press the down arrow to show an average of the last 3 readings (signified by 3A on the display).

Videos of the Balance Wrist BPM (Model No. 0606)


  • 2 years from date of purchase. Only available for the original purchaser.

Who Are Greater Goods?

Based in St. Louis, MO, Greater Goods is a company that’s passionate about the journey of how their products are made, in addition to their high quality.

This is achieved through responsible sourcing of materials and production in factories that treat their workers well.

As a company, Greater Goods encompasses several major brands, including:

  • Rise: Coffee company that sustainably sources their beans. An American roaster is used who reduces the waste they generate through manufacturing and turns excess heat from the roasting process into usable energy. Also partnered with Pure Earth.
  • Nourish: A line of kitchen products designed to help you prepare your favorite recipes. A portion of each purchase is given to the Global Orphan Project.
  • Balance: Personal health management technology, including blood pressure monitors.
  • Weight Gurus: Smart scales that can assist with weight management goals by syncing to your smartphone.
  • Connect: High-quality electronics and tech accessories that help create communities.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

An important part of any BPM review is to consider the feedback from other people who have bought and used the device in their own home.

How easy was it to take a reading? Did they have a good experience with customer service? Was the reading accurate, and how comfortable was the cuff?

But reading through hundreds or even thousands of reviews can be time consuming.

That’s why we did the leg work for you.

Listed below you’ll find a summary of the pros and cons for the Balance Wrist BPM, based on direct customer feedback.


  • One of the most affordable wrist BPMs on the market
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick and easy to switch between two units of measurement: mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and kPa (kiloPascals)
  • Clear written instructions in the user manual
  • Well packaged by the company
  • Arm position assistant helps you find the best arm position to achieve accurate readings
  • Allows you to record blood pressure readings against 2 different users
  • Having the date and time stored in memory alongside your blood pressure results is useful if your doctor needs to monitor your BP over time
  • Backlight creates clear contrast with the numbers displayed, making them easier to read
  • Dedicated button to switch between users
  • Clear color chart helps identify hypertension


  • Isn’t supplied with a hard case, just a cloth carry bag
  • Battery compartment can be difficult to open
  • Have to use batteries for power, no option to connect an AC adapter
  • Batteries are supplied but typically cause issues with accuracy of the readings and don’t last long. Recommend switching them with a new set soon after buying

Some customers found the readings to be inaccurate when they first turned it on. However, the accuracy improved dramatically after taking the batteries out and putting them back in again or replacing with others.

Blood Pressure Monitor Buying Guide

Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

So, is the Balance Wrist BPM worth buying?

It's certainly affordable, and at the time of writing this review, was listed on Amazon for less than $15. That was compared to $37 for the cheapest Omron wrist BPM (Series 3) and $22 for the Generation Guard model.

That's why we were so surprised by the range of features.

Having 2 user profiles is common for an upper arm BPM, but rare for a device worn on the wrist. The only other wrist monitor we've seen with this feature is the Omron 10 Series BP785N, which usually retails for just under $100.

There's also an excellent built-in memory, blood pressure averaging, a position indicator, and a 2 year warranty, which is the same duration you get with the Omron 3 and 5 Series.

The average review rating on Amazon is a little lower than for the Balance Upper Arm BPM, but you still have the same positive comments about the quality of customer service from Greater Goods.

Overall, if you're on a tight budget, you'll struggle to find a cheaper wrist blood pressure monitor with more features. The cuff even fits the same wrist size as Omron (5.25" to 8.5"), and you have the added bonus of a backlight to view your results in low light.

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