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XMark Commercial Rubber Round Dumbbell Set

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Available in two main weight ranges, the XMark Commercial Rubber Round Dumbbell Set provides all the weight you need to increase strength and tone without having to waste time with spin lock collars and changing the weight plates.

This review takes a look at the design of these dumbbells, as well as thinking about the benefits over an adjustable dumbbell set, and finally we suggest a rack that can be used to store either of the sets in the minimal amount of space.

Design features

Whether you’re just starting a new fitness program, or are looking to upgrade an existing collection of dumbbells, it’s always useful to try and find a set where each pair has the same design.

Rather than having to put together a collection from several different companies, XMark Fitness have created the commercial set of rubber dumbbells for this exact reason.

Using dumbbells with the same design and from the same company helps to ensure that the feeling of the weight in each exercise is the same.

Even tiny differences in handle width or weight distribution can make a difference to how much you can lift in a particular exercise.

But with dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs up to a top weight of 50 lbs, these should be suitable for the majority of exercises you’re likely to include in your workouts.

Unlike adjustable dumbbell sets, this does mean that you will have a lot of individual dumbbells to organize.

XMark Fitness have actually developed their own rack specifically for dumbbells like these, which we’ll take a look at later in the review.

In terms of their design, the weight displayed on the end of each dumbbell makes it easy to match up a pair of the same weight, while the rubber coating helps to reduce the risk of damage to floors if you were to drop them after a set.

The handles themselves feature a knurled section in the middle for improving your grip on the bar, with an ergonomic shape that makes them comfortable to hold.

XMark Commercial Rubber Dumbbell Set – Features Summary

  • 5 lb. to 50 lb. rubber round dumbbell set
  • Increments of 5 lbs.
  • Round design
  • Comfortable handles

Benefits over adjustable dumbbell sets

With the weight increasing in 5 lb increments for the XMark Commercial dumbbell set, this is similar to the standard increase for most adjustable dumbbell sets.

The 50 lb maximum is also the top weight available in many dumbbell sets that adjust. So if the increments are the same and you get the same amount of weight, is there any difference in the way they affect your training?

Even with a dumbbell rack that’s easily accessible, it’s difficult to imagine the weights being kept in their allocated spaces at the end of each workout.

This means that traditionally, fixed weight dumbbells have been more difficult to keep organized than the adjustable versions.

You also have the extra space they take up. With 20 dumbbells in total and the need for a storage rack to keep them organized, this will inevitably take up more space in your gym than a single set of adjustables.

Their traditional handle shape can make them better suited to some exercises though, such as if you consider how difficult it would be to perform pullovers with this XMark set compared to a set of Powerblocks.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Then there’s the automatically adjusting size. Many adjustable dumbbells do provide a low minimum weight, but you do still have to pick up a full length frame, even with the Bowflex SelectTechs.

With the XMark Commercial dumbbells, you only lift the size relevant to the weight. So if you want to lift 5 lb dumbbells for tricep kickbacks, you’re not left holding a 15.75″ handle that’s essentially empty (Bowflex SelectTech 552s).

Exercise options

In terms of your exercise options, thanks to their compact design and wide range of weight options, you can perform a variety of both upper and lower body exercises.

These exercises aren’t anything specific to the XMark Commercial set, but they are effective for toning, strengthening, and growing your muscles, depending on the reps and set used.

There are now more dumbbell exercise variations available than ever. But to keep things simple, we’ve provided the following list of some of the most effective dumbbell exercise options that you don’t need any extra equipment for.

Upper body dumbbell exercises:
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Concentration curls
  • Rear delt flys
  • Side lateral raises
  • Oblique twists
  • Overhead tricep extensions
  • Hammer curls
  • Arnold curls
  • Dumbbell rows

Lower body dumbbell exercises:
  • Stationary lunge
  • Stiff legged deadlifts
  • Standing calf raises
  • Dumbbell squat
  • Dumbbell front squat
  • Single leg RDL
  • Side lunge

If you’re thinking that you won’t need the full 5 lb to 50 lb collection for these exercises, XMark do offer the same set in a lower weight class (5 lb to 25 lb) with free shipping.

Compatible storage racks

One of the highest quality dumbbell racks we’ve come across that offers the most storage for the lowest price is actually another offering from XMark Fitness.

The XMark XM-3107 is a 3 tier rack designed to hold 10 to 12 sets of dumbbells at increasing weights.

This will of course vary slightly according to the weight of dumbbells stored, but there is more than enough room between tiers to comfortably lift out and rack each dumbbell.

Usually available for around $140, this looks to be one of the better designs available, and offers a larger amount of storage space than your traditional ‘A Frame’ or vertical racks.

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

If space isn't an issue, then having a collection of fixed weight dumbbells does still have its advantages over most adjustable and weight plate reliant designs.

The rubber coating makes them quieter to use during the exercise, and means you don't have to worry so much about damaging the floor if you were to drop them after you finish a set.

If you want to keep the weights organized, you will have to look for a rack to buy separately, which is something that's usually provided with most adjustable sets.

Even though you do get a lot of sets for your money, you have to consider that for around half the price of the 5 lb to 50 lb collection, you can get the top of the range Powerblock set, which offers a weight range from 5 lb to 90 lb per dumbbell.

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