Body Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym Review

The Body Solid G1S selectorized home gym supports a variety of full body workout options, with a 160 lb weight stack and numerous cable pulley positions.

But as one of Body Solid’s most compact home gyms, how does the workout quality compare to one of their larger multi-station machines? Something like the GEXM2000 or G9U.

Our review takes a look at the G1S in more detail, including the design features, workout options, and customer reviews.

Why buy a home gym?

Whether you can’t make it to the gym as often as you would like, or are simply looking for a way to compliment your exercise routine from home, a good quality multi gym can be an excellent choice.

While there are still some great home gyms for under $500, to find a high quality system that uses a fixed weight stack you will often be looking at paying closer to $1000.

But if you add up the amount of use you would get from it over the years, and compare it to how much the equivalent cost would be in gym memberships, it can still save you a lot of money in the long term.

Design features

Body Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym

With both upper and lower body workouts in mind, the Body Solid G1S home gym provides more than 40 toning, trimming, and muscle building exercises.

Although the 160 lb weight stack provides the same level of resistance as gyms such as the Powerline P1X and Body Solid’s own EXM1500S, the G1S provides a few extra useful features.

Unlike the Powerline models, the main frame features a foot plate and low cable pulley system away from the low pulley of the leg developer.

This not only prevents the need for any changing of cable attachments when switching exercises, but also gives you more space and better support for performing seated rows.

The Body Solid GS1 also gives you the option to adjust the height of the seat, helping you find the ideal range of motion for chest press and leg extension exercises.

When you want to change to using the lat pulldown for your back exercises, you also have a set of padded foam rollers attached to the frame to slide your knees under.

This helps to prevent your lower body from rising up in the seat if the 160 lb is approaches or exceeds the same weight as your bodyweight.

Body Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym

Body Solid G1S – Features Summary

  • Redesigned and updated new entry to the Body Solid Stable of Gyms
  • This is the updated version of the best selling EXM1500S. Design, Color, pads, pulleys, frame, everything has been updated.
  • Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design
  • Includes lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab / triceps strap, Total Body Workout DVD, and convenient water bottle and towel holder.
  • Body Solid Exclusive in home only Lifetime Warranty on Pads, Pulleys, Cables, Frames

Upper body workouts

Having the extra set of padded rollers allows you to use heavier weight on the lat pulldown without moving around in the seat

Despite its relatively simple design, there are actually a surprising number of upper body exercises that can be performed with the Body Solid G1S.

This is due to the combination of 3 cable pulleys, main pressing arm, and impressive weight in the stack.

Although the high cable is traditionally used for lat pulldowns, the height also makes it ideal for tricep pushdowns, and even single arm bicep curls.

Moving down the machine we next have the mid-range pulley.

Positioned just above the head rest, this is in the perfect position for attaching an ab harness to target your abs with seated crunches.

With so many different exercise options, we’ve provided a collection of the ones proving most popular and effective in the list below:

  • Chest press
  • Tricep pushdown
  • Standing concentration curls
  • Bicep curls
  • Wide grip lat pulldowns
  • Close grip lat pulldowns
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Lateral raises
  • Face pulls
  • Seated rows

Lower body workouts

If you don’t currently own a squat rack or power cage, you’ll want to find a home gym that has enough lower body exercises to put together an effective leg workout.

Aside from the imbalanced look of your physique, not training your lower body can restrict the gains you make on your upper body.

The Body Solid G1S provides 2 main ways to train legs. The first is the leg developer, and the second is the separate low cable pulley.

While the leg developer is ideal for targetting your quads with leg extensions, the low pulley is better for hip and hamstring exercises.

These include:

  • Cable lunges
  • Cable hip extensions
  • Standing leg lifts
  • Cable hip adduction
  • Cable hip abduction
  • Standing cable hip flexion

Customer reviews

Despite not carrying the same high number of customer reviews as home gyms in the Bowflex range, there’s still a number of them to be found on Amazon and other popular shopping sites.

Despite having fewer reviews, we still found a clear recurring theme in the thoughts of other people who have bought and used the Body Solid G1S.


  • Extremely well made
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Wide range of exercises


  • Can take a few hours to assemble
  • Pressing arm can restrict the space available when performing lat pulldowns facing the weight stack
Body Solid Home Gym Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

Being centered on a 160 lb. selectorized weight stack, the Body Solid G1S home gym can provide challenging workouts for both beginner and intermediate strength levels.

With the contoured, adjustable seat and comfortable padding of the back support, you can perform a wide range of exercises from home without the need for a spotter or any additional safety equipment.

Having the 4 pulleys, including the separate low cable for curling, helps to prevent the need for any switching of attachments between exercises. This also helps to develop a well rounded physique by targetting muscles from a variety of angles.

This upgraded version of the popular EXM1500S is backed by the best warranty in the industry, the Body-Solid In-Home Lifetime Warranty that covers everything. Forever.

Product dimensions: 73" (L) x 47" (W) x 84" (H)