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Sportneer Pull Up Bar Multi-Grip Trainer Review – Better Than Iron Gym?

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The Sportneer Pull Up Bar Multi-Grip Trainer is one of the most popular doorway pull up bars on Amazon, with padded grips to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

Its multiple grip positions allow you to perform neutral grip pull ups, chin ups, and wide grip pull ups. This allows you to target a wide range of muscle groups, including biceps, back, shoulders, and chest.

But how does the Sportneer Pull Up Bar compare to elevated doorway pull up bars, like the Ultimate Body Press XL?

In this review, we’ll walk you through the design features and installation process, to help you decide if this is the best pull up bar for your own home workouts.

Design Features

Sportneer Pull Up Bar Multi-Grip Trainer Dimensions

The Sportneer Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar measures 41-inches in length, which is the same as the Wall Mount pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press.

But because this is a doorway pull up bar, there’s no need for permanent fixings, damage to your door frames, or joists that are a specific distance apart.

The bar itself is constructed from high grade steel, with padded handles to improve your grip. Its U-shaped handles also create two parallel grip positions, for neutral grip pull ups.

Unfortunately, the contact points with the door frame offer limited protection, but this is true of most doorway pull up bars. Although they’re padded, the pressure is spread over a small area, which is why some customers have complained they wear through within a few months.

There are two solutions to this. Either you can apply additional padding to the ends, or look at a different pull up bar that distributes the weight over a larger area. One of the best examples is the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym pull up bar (either the Elite or Pro model).

Based on the dimensions, the Sportneer Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar is suitable for doorways 24 to 36″ wide, with a door thickness of 5.5 to 6.3″, including molding.

Sportneer Pull Up Bar Multi-Grip Trainer

Sportneer Pull Up Bar – Product Summary

  • 12 Foam Grip Positions: Multiple handgrips help to vary your workout
  • Target different muscle group: arms, chest, core or inner and outer back effectively
  • Ideal for chin-ups, tricep dips and pull-ups
  • Move it to the floor for push-ups or sit-ups in the comfort of your home
  • Holds up to 330 lbs
  • Made of heavy duty & high grade steel
  • Easy to install, slip-in design fits standard doorways
  • Fit for doorways from 24″ to 36″; Door thickness: 5.5″ – 6.3″
  • Assembly guide included
  • Non-slip padded handgrips provide a secure, comfortable grip
  • 2 reinforced eva foam padding at both ends are designed to protect your door frame

Assembly and Installation

The Sportneer Pull Up Bar has a very similar design to the P90X Chin-Up Bar, with identical foam grip and handle positions. They also share the same assembly process.

Because there’s no permanent fixings, you don’t need any power tools. You also don’t have to measure distances and check levels the way you would with a wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

All you need is a wrench to tighten the bolts. We recommend keeping them loose until they’re all in position and the bars are together. This should prevent any twisting or cross-threading.

Exercise Options

Exercises you can perform using the Sportneer Pull Up Bar

The Sportneer Pull Up Bar supports a complete upper body workout, using only your body weight for resistance.

There are 8 grip positions to choose from, including pronated and supinated (overhand and underhand) pull ups. You can also use a neutral/hammer grip to target the forearms and brachialis. This makes it one of the most effective exercises for training your back and bicep muscles.

Chin ups can also be performed with the bar at the top of the door frame, or move it to the base of the frame for sit ups and ab crunches.

Because of its lightweight design, and fact that it requires no permanent fixings, you can also perform exercises away from the door. From the floor, you can perform push ups and tricep dips, to train your chest, tricep, and shoulder muscles.

What do the Sportneer Pull Up Bar reviews say?

An important part of any pull up bar review is to look at the feedback from other people who have bought and used the bar in their home workouts.

How easy was it to fit? Did they have a good experience with customer service? Was the bar strong enough, and were the grips comfortable to hold?

But reading through hundreds or even thousands of reviews can be time consuming. That’s why we did the leg work for you, and created a summary of the pros and cons for the Sportneer Pull Up Bar, based on direct customer feedback.


  • Sturdy and strong frame design
  • Easy to put together using the tools provided, and very durable
  • Love that it has so many grip positions
  • Rests firmly on the door frame
  • Doesn’t require any permanent fixings
  • Keeps your feet secure if you’re performing sit ups from the bottom of the door frame
  • Supports a wide variety of grip positions
  • Easily integrates into home workout programs, such as P90X from Beach Body
  • Assembly instructions are easy to follow
  • Good customer service


  • Door frame moulding should be no wider than 2-inches
  • Black rubber contact points can leave marks on the door frame
  • A couple of reviews mentioned missing parts. The Sportneer Customer Service Team appears to have been quick to respond and send out a replacement part or bar if required.
  • One review mentioned the padding that’s in contact with the door frame became worn within a few months. This is a common problem with doorway pull up bars, and the padding was easily replaceable. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym (Pro version) attempts to resolve this issue with more even weight distribution.

One final point worth mentioning is door height. If you’re taller than 6ft, and have a standard height doorway, you might want to consider an elevated pull up bar.

Elevated pull up bars have an extra curve that positions the grips higher in the air. This is so taller users can achieve the full muscle stretch during pull ups and chin ups.

Two products we can recommend are the Ultimate Body Press XL, and GoFit Elevated.

Pull Up Bar Buying Guide

Sportneer Pull Up Bar Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

So, is the Sportneer Doorway Pull Up Bar worth buying?

In our opinion, yes.

When we reviewed the GoFit Chin Up Bar, we mentioned that it was a great choice for wider door frames, which weren’t supported by the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar.

That’s because the Iron Gym can fit doorways up to 32" wide, whereas the GoFit bar could extend to fit 36" wide doorways.

The Sportneer Pull Up Bar bridges this gap, as a leverage doorway pull up bar that can fit to doorways from 24" to 36" wide.

Then there’s the strength aspect. With a 330 lb weight capacity, it’s one of the strongest doorway pull up bars on the market.

Add this to the full range of grip positions, ‘J’ hook safety feature, protective eva foam on the bar ends, and non-slip padded grips, and you have everything you need to perform a challenging body weight workout at home.

The only thing we’d like Sportneer to improve is their responsiveness to customer issues in the Amazon reviews. Sportneer is a company that only sells through Amazon, and has a dedicated support ticket system at their website, but doesn’t appear to respond directly to customer reviews that experienced problems.

Ultimate Body Press does a much better job in this area, and frequently replies directly to customers should they experience a damaged product or missing parts.

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

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