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Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine Review – Better than Precor 240i?

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The Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine supports a full range of stretching exercises to improve flexibility in all major muscle groups. This includes a removable calf board station for standing calf raises.

So how does the latest stretch machine from Medvibe compare to devices like the Precor 240i? Which design is best for supporting an active lifestyle?

In this review we’ve compared key design features to other top stretch machines, such as the seat design, grip positions, and strength of the frame. We’ve also analyzed the pros and cons from Amazon customer reviews, to help you find the best stretching machine for your home gym.

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Design features

Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

The Nitrofit Limber Pro is one of the few full-body stretch machines on the market, alongside the LifeSpan SP1000 and Precor 240i StretchTrainer.

A removable calf stretch board is what makes this design unique, which can be set at one of three incline angles. The steeper the gradient, the greater the degree of ankle flexion, which increases the intensity of your stretch.

In addition to the calf board, the Limber Pro features a pivoting seat design that helps create a deeper stretch for your back muscles. This also allows the seat to fold out of the way, to make room for quad and hamstring stretches.

Another of the stand-out features is the 300 lb weight capacity, made possible thanks to the sturdy steel frame. Most leg stretch/splits machines support a maximum of 250 lbs, so this is a significant improvement.

Safety features and stretch exercises

The ergonomic shape of the handles is similar to what we see on most stretch trainers, with the exception of the TotalStretch TS200. Although the TS200 supports a wider range of grip positions, the Nitrofit Limber Pro is usually available at a much lower price.

Foam padding has been added to the back support and seat cushion for added comfort, with coated handles to create a softer non-slip grip.

As with most full-body stretch machines, safety wrist straps have been added to the handles. This is an important safety feature for unaided stretch work.

One last feature worth mentioning is the placard mounted to the handles. This illustrates 8 different stretch exercises, which you can include as part of a full-body stretch workout.

It’s a valuable quick reference guide to some of the most effective stretch positions for your groin and inner thighs, lower back, quads, hips, glutes, and shoulders.

The wide range of stretching options makes the Limber Pro an excellent choice for anyone that wants to stay flexible. Whether that’s to support an active lifestyle, relax sore muscles after a workout, or simply relax tight muscles and place less stress on ligaments and tendons.

Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

Nitrofit Limber Pro – Product Summary

  • Seat adjusts to fit users of varying size
  • Designated calf stretch station with support bars ( board is removable)
  • Nine exercises illustrated on easy to read instructional display.
  • Wheels integrated into front support legs for easy storage

Ease of assembly

Medvibe have done an excellent job of producing a high quality instruction manual that’s easy to understand.

The assembly instructions are a complete step-by-step guide, with clearly written explanations, diagrams, and parts numbers.

The Nitrofit Limber Pro user manual has 11 steps in total, including one for attaching the safety wrist straps to the handlebar. There’s even a table with the recommended seat placement settings for different user heights, from 5’0″ to 6’0″ tall.

Exercise options

Regular muscle stretching can help relieve stress on our bodies, increases blood flow and improve our flexibility. But it’s important to switch between a variety of seated stretch positions to experience the full health benefits.

Fortunately, the Nitrofit Limber Pro is one of the best stretch machines on the market when it comes to exercise guides.

Click here to view the Nitrofit Limber Pro instruction manual.

The instructional display mounted to the handlebars guides you through 9 of the most effective full body stretch exercises. This is in addition to 10 full color photos found in the user manual, with stretches that target the upper back, hamstrings, shoulders, inner thighs, hips, glutes, quads, and calves.

There’s even a section that tells you the best way to warm up before stretching, to improve stretch performance and reduce the risk of injury.

What do the Nitrofit Limber Pro reviews say?

The Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine is one of the best stretch machines on the market, with dozens of 5-star Amazon reviews. It’s also cheaper than the bestselling TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher.

So, is this the best machine for your leg stretch workouts at home? To find out, it’s worth looking at what other customers have said about their experience.

To save you time, we’ve aggregated the pros and cons from Nitrofit Limber Pro reviews on Amazon, then created the lists below.


  • An affordable full body stretch machine
  • Can help relieve lower back pain
  • Useful for loosening tight muscles and recovering mobility after surgery
  • Cheaper than the Precor 240i
  • Easy to assemble, with a strong, stable frame that can support taller users (6’4″+)
  • Allows you to perform a wide range of deep muscle stretches
  • Adjustable seat lets you customize the machine to your body size
  • Long base frame provides excellent stability


  • Less cushioning in the seat and back support pads compared to the Precor StretchTrainer
Stretching Machine Buying Guide

Nitrofit Limber Pro Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

Although the warranty and cushioning aren't as good as Precor's StretchTrainer, the Nitrofit Limber Pro is still a top quality stretch machine.

This is reflected in the price, which is usually around $300 less than the Precor model. You're also getting the removable calf board, which gives you a much wider choice of calf stretch exercises.

Even as one of the cheapest full body stretch machines on the market, the Limber Pro has no shortage of 5 star reviews. Customer service from Medvibe is reportedly excellent, and the adjustable seat is an added bonus.

So whether you're just getting started with stretching at home, or want to progress from a leg stretch/splits machine, we highly recommend the Nitrofit Limber Pro.

Weight capacity: 250 lbs without bracket support foot, or 300 lbs with bracket support Product dimensions: 65.5"(L) x  22.4"(W) x 38.5"(H) Product weight: 59 Lbs (27 Kg)

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