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Bulk Supplements BCAA 100% Pure 2:1:1 Amino Acids Review

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Bulk Supplements BCAA is currently one of the most popular and affordable branch-chained amino acid supplements on Amazon, with thousands of highly rated reviews. But what is a BCAA powder, when should you take it, and why is the Bulk Supplements powder so special?

Affordability is definitely a factor. Bulk Supplements have a very clean and clear product line, where the only ingredients you pay for are the L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine that make up the optimal 2:1:1 ratio. That’s compared to the Best BCAA supplement from BPI Sports, which also includes a CLA Matrix proprietary blend of fat loss ingredients per serving.

In this review we’ll be making some important comparisons between the Bulk Supplements BCAA powder, and other top rated BCAA supplements, to help you find the best option for your fitness goals and budget.

We’ll also walk you through the health benefits, recommended dosage, best time of day to take it, and provide advice on how it can be combined with other strength and endurance supplements as part of a stack for faster results.

Bulk Supplements BCAA Ingredients

BulkSupplements BCAA 100% Pure 2:1:1 Amino Acids

Bulk Supplements have kept it simple with their BCAA powder. There’s no added aminos, caffeine, hydration formulas, or natural energizers. Unfortunately leucine, isoleucine, and valine aren’t provided in the 2:1:1 ratio, but the price makes it one of the cheapest BCAA supplements on the market.

So what health benefits can you expect from the ingredients?

Leucine (800 mg)

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that make up muscle, enzymes, hormones, and immune system defense, among many others.

Leucine is one of nine essential amino acids our bodies cannot make. For this reason, we need to make sure we consume them in the foods we eat or, if we can’t get what we need through foods, through the supplements we take. Leucine is one of three amino acids in a subcategory of amino acids called Branched-Chain Amino Acids, which make up about one-third of muscle protein. The other two BCAAs are also found in this supplement: isoleucine and valine.

Leucine is involved in many metabolic processes, one of them being fat metabolism. Some studies show that the human body needs proportionately more leucine than the other two BCAAs, which is the main reason behind the 2:1:1 ratio. In this ratio, leucine is found in double the proportion as the other two amino acids.

When we exercise for long periods of time (endurance exercise), our muscles can begin to break down. BCAA blends containing Leucine help to prevent the net rate of protein degradation during endurance exercise. As a plus, leucine may improve both physical and mental performance, while preserving readily-available energy stores in the muscles.

Isoleucine (230 mg)

The BCAA isoleucine is needed by the body for multiple functions. These include helping to heal wounds, detoxifying waste, strengthening the immune system function, promoting balanced hormone secretion, and contributing to carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Few studies have been carried out that study the effects of isoleucine alone on exercise performance. Most studies center around the intake and effects of all three BCAAs together.

One thing that has been explored, however, is the role of isoleucine on glucose regulation. Isoleucine helps to regulate blood glucose levels to improve energy availability. It also helps to promote muscle protein synthesis together with the other two BCAAs in healthy people, and in patients with impaired liver function.

Isoleucine is found naturally in meats, fish, cheese, and seeds and nuts.

Valine (398 mg)

Valine is a BCAA that promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. It helps to maintain mental sharpness and muscle coordination, while also promoting mental calm. Valine, like isoleucine, is an important element in carbohydrate metabolism.

Note that the packaging advertises a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs. However, after taking a closer look at the quantity of each amino acid, the ratio is far from exact. There is significantly more valine than isoleucine, and the amount of leucine is more than double either of the other two amino acids.

BulkSupplements BCAA 100% Pure 2:1:1 Amino Acids

Bulk Supplements BCAA – Product Summary

  • Boost muscle growth and metabolism with an instantized BCAA branched chain amino acids powder that promises massive gains and an unbelievable pump, fast.
  • Engineered with the optimal 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.
  • 100% pure, pre/post workout BCAA powder promotes muscle protein synthesis, boosts lean muscle growth and minimizes tissue damage that normally occurs after an intense bodybuilding workout.
  • Leucine, isoleucine and valine act as a better transport vehicle for faster absorption, which translates into faster post workout recovery and higher performance results.
  • All Bulk Supplements products are lab-tested for verification and purity.

For runners, weightlifters, or nighttime recovery?

In general, BCAA supplements are most effective for those who participate in muscle building and endurance exercises. They are metabolized fairly quickly, so it is best to consume them when they are going to be used, either for improving performance or supporting recovery.

Keep in mind that consuming too many BCAAs could cause an imbalance in hormone levels, which can potentially lead to depression. Supplementing with BCAAs can be beneficial, but make sure to follow the package instructions regarding dosage, and consult with your physician beforehand.

When is the best time to take it?

According to the package indications, ¾ rounded teaspoon is one serving, and it should be taken before exercise.

To preserve lean muscle and improve performance, you can take one serving of Bulk Supplements BCAA before exercising, and another afterwards to assist you with muscle recovery. Because the powder contains no stimulants (caffeine, green tea extract), it’s safe to take post-workout if you train late at night.

Bulk Supplements BCAA vs. Scivation Xtend

Only Scivation Xtend has BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio, with Bulk Supplements closer to 4:1:2. The amount of BCAAs per serving in Scivation Xtend is about 5 times higher than one serving of Bulk Supplements.

While Bulk Supplements recommends three servings a day, Scivation Xtend delivers more of the same components in one scoop.

Scivation Xtend could be easier to take for many people, but remember that more isn’t always better. Bulk Supplements is still a useful option if you’re already consuming significant BCAAs through food or protein powders.

Xtend also includes glutamine and citrulline, which aid in muscle recovery and immune system support. Bulk Supplements focuses only on BCAAs. This is not necessarily a bad thing, keeping in mind that many people often take more than one supplement per day, some of which have overlapping benefits.

What flavors and sizes are available?

Bulk Supplements BCAA is available in an unflavored powdered, to be added to cold water or your favorite drink. If you don’t want to measure out the powder, you can also choose gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

While there is virtually no variety in tastes, there are many sizes are available:

  • 100g powder
  • 100 vegetarian capsules
  • 100 gelatin capsules
  • 250 grams powder
  • 300 Gelatin capsules

  • 300 vegetarian capsules
  • 250 g powder
  • 300 gelatin capsules
  • 300 vegetarian capsules
  • 500 grams powder

Save money with Amazon

If you’re looking to save money on your monthly supplement order, you might want to consider the Amazon Subscribe & Save program.

Subscribe & Save allows you to unlock savings of up to 15% on a wide range of sports nutrition products, including Bulk Supplements BCAA Powder.

You can save 5% with a subscription to 1 product, or save the full 15% by subscribing to 5 products, provided they’re all delivered to the same address. The delivery schedule can be set from monthly, up to once every 6 months.

Although 5 products might sound a lot, if you already supplement with a protein powder, multivitamin, creatine, BCAA, and glutamine, the savings can soon add up.

Who are Bulk Supplements?

Bulk Supplements products are perfect if you need complete control over the level of ingredients going into your pre-workout, post-workout, and intra-workout nutrition. That’s because they supply over 200 nutritional supplement ingredients to hundreds of thousands of customers and manufacturers.

Whereas companies like MuscleTech create complex combinations of ingredients designed to offer an all-in-one ‘off the shelf’ solution, Bulk Supplements allows you to create your own custom nutrition.

It’s an idea that’s proven incredibly popular, with many of their supplements achieving thousands of positive reviews on Amazon alone. Some of the best include their micronized creatine monohydrate, whey protein powder isolate, and BCAAs.

To find out more about their current product line, we recommend taking a look at our Bulk Supplements buying guide. This includes a summary of the health benefits, which sizes and flavors are available, and dosages for the main ingredients.

We’ve also added in-depth reviews and comparisons with other top rated nutrition companies, to guarantee you only buy the best supplement for your fitness goals.

BCAA Buying Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

3.5 / 5

Bulk Supplements have one of the cheapest BCAA supplements on the market, but the dosage levels are too low and the ratio too random for us to use it personally.

If you’re looking for a low cost BCAA powder, Nutricost has a much better option. For a 1 kg tub, at the time of writing this review, you could get 6 g of BCAAs for just $0.24. This is compared to Bulk Supplements, which was priced at around $0.20 for the same dose.

However, the big difference is that Nutricost has the 2:1:1 ratio, with 3 g of leucine and 1.5 g of both isoleucine and valine.

In summary, if we were looking for a low cost BCAA powder, our preference would always be to choose Nutricost over Bulk Supplements. We would rather pay a few extra cents per serving to guarantee we get the clinically proven BCAA ratio.

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