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XMark International Olympic Weight Bench Review

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The Xmark International Olympic bench provides a safe and stable way of working out from home. Its back and bar supports easily adjust to a position that best suits your height and lifting style.

But is this the best weight bench for your own home workouts? Would an XMark FID bench support a wider range of exercises and be better value for money?

This review takes an in-depth look at the design features, safety features, and benefits, as well as any limitations mentioned throughout the wide range of customer reviews.

Design features

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench

When it comes to choosing a weights bench for your home gym, it’s important to find a design that provides the stability and strength you need, while still being available for a reasonable price.

That was the goal behind the XMark International Olympic bench, with its stable design and safety rails helping to provide the stability.

In terms of the strength, this is a bench that is slightly more limited than the more expensive Olympic benches, but can still comfortably support up to 300 lb on the bar supports. The bench can also support 400 lb on its own, which accounts for the 700 lb weight limit assigned by XMark.

Although the bench itself is joined to the barbell rack, this doesn’t limit the variety of exercises that are available due to the sliding design of the back support and seat.

Whenever you want to switch between decline bench and military presses, you can simply slide the bench to its vertical position and slide the support bar in at its highest setting.

This helps to keep you close enough to the rack to be able to lift the bar off the supports without risking injury.

One final feature of the main bench frame worth mentioning is the reversible nature of the safety rails and bar supports.

As well as being used for the bench and shoulder presses on one side of the bench, they can also be used on the opposite side to support you in your squat workouts.

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench – Features Summary

  • LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • 700 lb. weight capacity
  • Extra thick 2.5″ Hi-density cushions
  • Preacher curl attachment, leg developer attachment
  • Tough skid resistant feet help protect your floors
  • Safety spotters allows for less risk of injury during lifts
  • Steel brace firmly holds backrest in place
  • Oversize spring loaded pop pin makes adjustments easy
  • 6 reversible crutch positions
  • Olympic adapter included
  • Flat, incline and decline positions

Additional attachments

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench

With home gym weights benches in particular, it’s important to be able to perform the widest range of exercises in as small a space as possible.

This helps keep everything together and progress through your workouts quicker, together with creating more space for dumbbell sets, weight plates, and even additional workout stations.

The XMark International Olympic bench not only provides a leg developer for isolating your hamstrings and quads with leg curls and extensions, but also a preacher curl for a way of working your biceps and forearms.

Although the default attachment for the preacher curl is a standard yoke, by removing the locking pin this allows you to switch it out with a rope attachment or straight bar for different variations on the exercise.

If you found that this preacher curl pad was getting in the way of your bench press, you can simply remove the attachment and keep it out of the way using the custom designed storage area at the back of the barbell frame.

As well as the attachment storage, this is also where you will find a weight plate storage peg which can be useful for keeping weight plates organised and within easy reach when working out.

Customer reviews

When it comes to making that final decision over which weights bench to buy, finding a trusted and honest source of opinions from a large number of people can be extremely important.

Fortunately, the XMark International Olympic bench is frequently ranked as the number one Olympic weights bench on popular shopping sites such as Amazon.

While this means there is no shortage of reviews, it can be time consuming to move between the different shopping sites to distinguish any negative points, as well as find any points that make it stand out as a high quality bench.

This is why we have collected and summarised the most frequently mentioned points, grouping them into the relevant category for easy reference in the lists below.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to setup
  • Wide range of possible exercises
  • Well packaged to avoid any damage prior to delivery
  • Easy to adjust the position of the back support


  • Limited number of safety holes at lower positions can make it difficult to find a suitable position for the safety rails when bench pressing
  • The length of the back support pad and height of the barbell support frame can be an issue for people over 6ft tall
XMark Fitness Weights Bench Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

With its range of quickly adjustable positions and preacher curl attachment, the XMark International Olympic Weight Bench acts as an effective base from which to perform a complete collection of upper body exercises.

Lower body workouts can be created just as easily thanks to the ability to perform front and back squats, then isolate the quads and hamstrings with leg extensions and curls to improve overall muscle development.

This all combines with the lifetime in-home warranty to create a bench that's both strong and stable, as well as being excellent value for money.

Total weight capacity: 700 lbs. Safety spotter weight capacity: 300 lb. Assembled dimensions:
76" (L) x 60.5" (H) x 48 (W)

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