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Body Fortress Glutamine Powder (100% Pure) Supplement Review

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Body Fortress Glutamine Powder is currently one of the bestselling L-glutamine supplements on Amazon, with over 400 highly rated reviews. But how does this compare to similar products from other leading companies, such as MuscleTech and Bulk Supplements?

In this review we’ll consider the benefits of supplementing with amino acids like glutamine, recommended dosages, and the best creatine and pre-workout supplements to stack with if you’re training for CrossFit or bodybuilding.

To guarantee you only buy the best glutamine, we’ll also compare the Body Fortress powder to two other top-rated glutamine supplements; Bulk Supplements Glutamine and Nutricost L-Glutamine. This includes value for money, serving sizes, number of calories, and where possible, the manufacturing process and how purity levels are maintained.

Body Fortress Glutamine Ingredients

Body Fortress Glutamine Ingredients

With a serving size of 4.5 g and 300 grams of powder per tub, Body Fortress Glutamine supplies you with enough supplement for around 2 months use (1 serving per day).

It’s also popular for bodybuilders and athletes to take up to 10 g per day, split between two servings. On workout days, 1 serving would be taken post-workout, with the other taken upon waking. On non-workout days, the post-workout serving would be taken before sleeping.

Even with 2 servings per day, a 300 g tub is perfect for a 1 month supply. Body Fortress is also one of the most affordable glutamine supplements on the market, with a cost-per-serving of $0.14 at time of writing. That’s compared to MuscleTech Platinum ($0.29) and AMRAP L-Glutamine ($0.83), both of which have a 5 g serving size.

As an unflavored powder, this won’t take anything away from the taste of your protein shake or post-workout drink. This also means there’s no gelatin from any capsule casings, making it a good supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

What results can you expect?

As the most abundant non-essential amino acid in the body, L-glutamine supplementation has been attributed to a number of important health benefits.

Although glutamine won’t increase your strength directly, it can help boost your immune system, increase muscle recovery post-workout, and support a healthy digestive system.

A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism examined the effects of L-glutamine on muscle soreness following exercise. They found that L-glutamine supplementation resulted in faster recovery of peak torque and diminished muscle soreness at 24, 48, and 72 hours post-exercise.

You may also come across reviews where customers say they increase their dose if they start developing a cold to boost their immune system. Unfortunately we haven’t found any study to prove its effectiveness on colds specifically.

That being said, there’s plenty of evidence to show glutamine boosts your immune system and protects against post-surgical infections. It can also decrease gut permeability as a healing solution to ‘leaky gut syndrome’.

Body Fortress Glutamine Powder

Body Fortress Glutamine – Product Summary

  • Provides 4,500 mg of pure Glutamine per serving
  • Assists with recovery from workouts
  • Conditionally essential amino acid
  • Can be used both pre and post-workout

Health benefits of Body Fortress Glutamine

For a comprehensive list of glutamine health benefits, we recommend taking a look at our Glutamine Buying Guide.

When is the best time to take it?

Recommended use

For adults, mix one teaspoon into 4-6 ounces of water or your favorite beverage and take one hour before your workout. Consume a second serving immediately after your workout to speed recovery.

Body Fortress vs. Bulk Supplements

Body Fortress Glutamine
Bulk Supplements Glutamine
Glutamine: 4.5 g
Glutamine: 1 g
Serving size: 4.5 g
Serving size: 1 g
Container size: 300 g
Container size: 1000 g
Cost per serving: $0.20
Cost per serving: $0.03

Body Fortress vs. Nutricost L-Glutamine

Body Fortress Glutamine
Nutricost L-Glutamine
Glutamine: 4.5 g
Glutamine: 5 g
Serving size: 4.5 g
Serving size: 5 g
Container size: 300 g
Container size: 1000 g
Cost per serving: $0.20
Cost per serving: $0.14

What sizes are available?

With a serving size of 4.5 g and a product weight of 300 g, each tub provides you with approximately 66 servings.

Save money with Amazon

If you’re looking to save money on your monthly supplement order, you might want to consider the Amazon Subscribe & Save program.

Subscribe & Save allows you to unlock savings of up to 15% on a wide range of sports nutrition products, including Body Fortress Glutamine Powder.

You can save 5% with a subscription to 1 product, or save the full 15% by subscribing to 5 products, provided they’re all delivered to the same address. The delivery schedule can be set from monthly, up to once every 6 months.

Although 5 products might sound a lot, if you already supplement with a protein powder, multivitamin, creatine, BCAA, and glutamine, the savings can soon add up. But it’s best to order before you run out of your current supplements, because Amazon set the day of the month each order is sent (usually around the 14th).

Who are Body Fortress?

Body Fortress specializes in creating premium bodybuilding and weightlifting supplements at an affordable price. Their current range features protein powders, RTDs, pre-workout powders, and creatine HCI.

Some of the current bestsellers include their Super Advanced Whey Protein, and 100% Pure Glutamine Powder. Both products have hundreds of highly rated reviews on Amazon.

Unfortunately, as with most bodybuilding supplement companies, it’s difficult to find any information relating to ingredient sourcing. This is unlike some of the big supplement brands, such as Rainbow Light. They actually detail their ethical manufacturing process and provide a summary of the testing and certification behind each product.

Glutamine Supplement Buying Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

Body Fortress Glutamine is currently one of the company’s top rated products, and was recently ranked the purest glutamine supplement on the market by Lab Door.

Between Amazon and, it’s already amassed hundreds of highly rated reviews, with customers praising the low price, better recovery, and how well it mixes in protein shakes.

Overall, between the high purity rating from independent tests, low cost per serving, and highly rated reviews, it’s no surprise we ranked Body Fortress amongst the top 10 glutamine supplements on the market.

If you’re already taking one of the Body Fortress protein powders, you might have noticed each serving already contains glutamine (1.5 g per scoop in their Super Advanced Whey Protein). This means you only need to mix 3 g of the pure glutamine powder, to help it last even longer.

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