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Yes4All Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Review

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The Yes4All Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar is a wall mounted pull up bar strong enough to support 300 lbs, designed for stud distances between 16″ and 24″.

Multiple grip positions allow you to perform pull ups and chin ups with neutral, supinated, and pronated grips. These are some of the most important body weight exercises for strengthening your biceps, shoulders, and back muscles.

But how does the Yes4All Wall Mounted bar compare to other bestselling home gym and garage pull up bars, like the ProSource Multi-Grip?

In this review, we’ll walk you through the features and installation process, to help you decide if this is the best pull up bar for your own home workouts.

Design Features

Yes4All Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Grip Positions

Unless you’re buying a heavy-duty CrossFit training chin up bar, like the one from Titan Fitness, wall mounted pull up bars are designed to fit 24″ stud spaces on-center.

This is true of the Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar, which can be installed on 16″ or 24″ stud space.

It’s also important to consider the distance from the wall when you’re performing your pull ups. For taller users, you might want more distance to prevent your toes touching the wall.

To provide a quick comparison:

  • Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar: 39″ long lat pull up bar set 12″ from the wall
  • Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar: 42″ long, set 14″ from the wall
  • Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar + reversible risers: 18″ from the wall
  • Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar: 48″ long, set 32″ from the wall

The Yes4All heavy gauge steel frame has also been powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

As with most wall mount pull up bars, the grips have been coated in high-density foam. This helps to improve your grip, and protects your hands to prolong fatigue during high-rep workouts.

In terms of value for money, the Yes4All design is one of the most affordable wall mount pull up bars on the market. It’s less than half the price of the equivalent bar from Ultimate Body Press.

It’s also less than half the price of the Titan Fitness bar, which is rated to 500 lbs and requires a lot more space to mount.

Yes4All Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

Yes4All Chin Up Bar – Product Summary

  • One-piece solid steel bar features a black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Designed for 16″ and 24″ stud space.
  • Multi-grip positions padded with soft anti-slip foam for comfort.
  • Perfect for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats, and abs.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • Full instructions & all mounting hardware are included.

Assembly and Installation

With just 3 bar sections and 8 bolts, assembly is both quick and easy. The hardest part will be lining up the first bolt ‘on-center’. Once you’ve got all the holes drilled, it doesn’t take long to mount the Chin Up Bar to the wall.

Some doorway pull up bars specify when to fully tighten bolts to prevent bar twist and misaligned bolt holes. This isn’t something you need to worry about here. Full assembly and mounting instructions for installation are provided and all mounting hardware is included.

Exercise Options

Exercises that can be performed using the Yes4All Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar

The Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a cross between the ceiling mounted and doorway pull up bars. It doesn’t require the space of a ceiling mounted bar, but also doesn’t offer as many exercise options.

Having a neutral grip position is an advantage over straight pull up bars, and increases the focus on your forearms and brachialis. You can also still perform wide and narrow grip pull ups or chin ups, with a pronated or supinated grip (overhand or underhand).

Unfortunately, the Yes4All Wall Mounted pull up bar doesn’t have the same strength as the Stud Bar (300 lbs vs. 600 lbs). You’re also unable to perform kipping pull ups, and it would be difficult to attach accessories, such as ab slings.

Hanging leg raises can still be performed to target your abs and oblique muscles, to help build strength in your core and improve overall posture.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

An important part of any pull up bar review is to look at the feedback from other people who have bought and used the bar in their home workouts.

How easy was it to fit? Did they have a good experience with customer service? Was the bar strong enough, and were the grips comfortable to hold?

But reading through hundreds or even thousands of reviews can be time consuming. That’s why we did the leg work for you, and created a summary of the pros and cons for the Yes4All Chin Up Bar, based on direct customer feedback.


  • Supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware and tools
  • Supports a variety of pull ups, including wide grip, narrow grip, neutral grip, and chin ups
  • High quality materials and a sturdy frame design
  • Quick and easy to install, with clear instructions
  • Requires less space than a power tower, but supports many of the same exercises
  • 24 inch and 16 inch mounting options offer greater versatility for different types of wall
  • Comfortable foam grips reduce the pressure on your hands


  • Some concerns over the quality and durability of the foam grips, but most customers say they’ll replace them with friction tape if they wear away
  • A few of the reviews mention poor quality mounting bolts, which became damaged when they were mounting to the wall. The recommendation was to buy longer lag bolts separately.
  • Mixed response on how far the handles protrude from the wall. Some reviewers said they were too long, while others said too short. This appears to be a difference in personal preference, rather than a quality issue.
  • The 16 inch and 24 inch mounting positions meant the parallel grips were at an awkward distance for some people. But this is the same distance (16 inches) that’s used by Ultimate Body Press with their Wall Mount Pull Up Bar.
Pull Up Bar Buying Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

3.5 / 5

So, is the Yes4All Wall Mount Pull Up Bar worth buying?

Two main advantages are that it’s strong and affordable. The 300 lb capacity is the same as you get from the Ultimate Body Press version, but for half the price.

Disadvantages are that it doesn’t have as much clearance from the wall, and the foam grip padding doesn’t run the full length of the bar. That’s because it caters for both 16” and 24” stud spacing.

One other subtle difference is that the wide pull up bar is mounted to the top of the parallel bars, compared to underneath on the Ultimate Body Press bar. This means there’s a greater risk of movement, as the round bar rests on top of the square bars.

If you have 24” stud space, then maybe it’s worth considering. But for 16” stud space we would have to recommend the Ultimate Body Press version. We’re happy to pay more for the extra wall clearance, full-length grip padding, and fact the wide bar is connected under the parallel bars.

Note: Ultimate Body Press also have a wall mounted pull up bar with reversible risers that fits both 16 and 24-inch stud space. You can find the best price here.

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

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