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French Fitness Review: SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer

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French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer Featured Image

French Fitness’s SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer combines the best of a squat rack and functional trainer. A sure-fire way to get in a variety of lower body and upper body exercises with one piece of gym equipment.

You can pretty much perform your entire strength training workout on this one machine. But, the same can be said for many other brands’ equipment, right?

So, what makes the SRFT8 different? We guess the 800 kg tension-tested cable and attention to detail don’t hurt. However, the cons matter too.

When it comes down to it, we know there’s no perfect machine… But, there is a perfect machine for you.

We’ll review some of the SRFT8’s pros, cons, specs, and exercise options below.

French Fitness SRFT8 Design Features

French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer size

Let’s start with the French Fitness SRFT8 design. It’s always a good move to begin by checking out the material features, perks, and specs of the product.

Doing this gives you a good idea of the machine and structural integrity. In other words, is it sturdy? Is it strong? Can you hit full beast mode or will you have to hold back?

To answer these questions, we need to look at what’s important for a squat rack functional trainer. We narrow it down to the frame, weight capacity, the different exercise accessories, and a few other worthwhile mentions.


Similar to the French Fitness FSR90, the SRFT8 is a solid piece of equipment. The 2mm steel frame makes it a sturdy machine. And, other structural features contribute to user safety and exercise diversity.

The SRFT8’s max user weight is 350 lbs and the max capacity for the machine is 800 lbs. The fixed shroud offers increased safety and, we have to say, adds to its slick and attractive look.

The structural triangles at the top and bottom of the frame add to its stability. These prevent the machine from swaying and swinging during use. Giving you the security you need to push, pull, and squat confidently.

French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer triangular supports

Since you’re looking for a multi-function rack for a home gym, the area size is important. This model’s largest area is about 2635 in². If your gym is compact, you need to make sure the machine covers all the exercises you need it to. Seeing as it will take up a sizable chunk of your space.

For more on the SRFT8’s design specs and features, check out the manual.

Weight Capacity

French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer specs

For many of us, it’s the weight capacity that makes or breaks the deal when buying home gym equipment. Let’s take a look at the max weight load for the different parts of the machine.

  • J Hooks: 555 lbs
  • Spotter Arms: 555 lbs
  • Plate Storage: 135 lbs per weight horn. 6 Weight horns on the machine so a total of 810 lbs of weights can be stored.
  • Weight stack: (2) 198 lb weight stacks (keep in mind that these feel like 99 lbs each due to 2:1 rato)

Tim Henrique’s strength standards outline weight benchmarks for barbell squats across decent, good, and great lifters.

For men:

  • A decent lifter can squat 315 lbs or 1.5x his bodyweight.
  • A good lifter can squat 405 lbs or 2x his bodyweight.
  • A great lifter can squat 455 lbs or 2.5x his bodyweight.

For women:

  • Decent lifters squat 95 lbs or 0.75x her bodyweight.
  • Good lifters squat 155 lbs or 1.25x bodyweight.
  • Great lifters can squat 205 lbs upwards or 2x bodyweight.

Considering the J Hooks and Spotter Arms can hold up to 555 lbs, the SRFT8 is a great fit for decent, good, and great lifters across all genders.

Squat Rack & Functional Trainer Accessories

The French Fitness SRFT8 comes with a ton of accessories. These standard attachments cater for a large range of exercises.

These exercises can be used across several different push, pull, squat, and core workouts, targeting all your major muscle groups.

One of the reasons we like the SRFT8 so much is because it’s a good match for split session routines and full-body workouts.

If you’re doing splits, you can work your legs and shoulders with squats and landmine exercises. Or, chest and triceps with cable flyes and tricep dips.

For a full-body workout, get creative and use all the standard accessories.

Standard accessories include:

  • Chin and pull up bars
  • Nylon handle strap
  • J-Hooks
  • Dipping handles
  • Adjustable Spotter arms
  • Triceps rope
  • Seated row/chin bar
  • T bar row handle
  • Straight bar
  • Landmine
  • Dipping strap
  • Footrest
French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer features

We can’t end off the features review section without mentioning three more worthwhile accessories and features.

Dual Adjustable Pulley

The SRFT8’s dual adjustable pulley rotates a nifty 180 degrees and can be adjusted easily, with up to 21 different height positions available.

The zinc-plated pop-pin allows for quick and convenient adjustments, preventing any disruptions to your workout.

The nylon handle strap is comfortable, durable, and natural in your hand. And in terms of the resistance, the two 198 lb weight stacks have a real feel of about 99 lbs each due to the 2:1 ratio.

You’ll find this ratio in many dual pulley systems, including the French Fitness FFS.

Leather Foam Padding

SRFT8 leather foam padding

A great piece of fitness equipment doesn’t just cater for an awesome workout. It should also make your workout as comfortable, safe, and effective as possible.

It makes a huge difference when big fitness brands pay attention to finer details that increase our satisfaction.

For instance, the SRFT8’s lat pull knee cushion is made of quality leather foam. The padding is wear-resistant, anti-sweat, and odorless, supporting good hygiene and cleanliness standards.

It’s also more durable as the cushion’s texture guards against peeling, which can happen with other models through wear and tear.

Comfortable Chin-up Bar

The chin-up bar and handles are made with a comfortable grip. The handles and their angles ensure smooth and effective movement for various types of training.

These are perfect for pulling exercises as these support the following grips and pull movements:

  • Ordinary grip
  • One-arm pull up
  • Underhand grip
  • Mixed grip
  • Sternum pull up
  • One-hand pull up
Chin-up handles for SRFT8

SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer – Features Summary

  • Frame: 2mm steel
  • Metal shroud
  • 5mm cable (passed 800 kg tension test)
  • Smooth stainless guide rod
  • Triangular supports
  • Weight selector pin (prevents slipping during exercise)
  • ABS pad, antiwear, and deformation resistance
  • 3 Barbell storage bars & 2 lat bar storage spots on both sides
  • 6 Weight plate holders
  • Double pull functional trainer has 21 pulley positions and rotates 180 degrees

SRFT8 – Available Attachments

One of the cons of the machine is that you pay extra to get additional attachments (outside of the standard accessories listed earlier). This may be a downside but for many, the standard accessories would make it a worthwhile home gym investment.

But, there is this option. For maximum space-saving, you can buy additional attachments, like the adjustable bench and crunch harness. By doing this, you pretty much convert your squat rack functional trainer into an all-in-one, bad-ass home gym system.

You can pick and choose the machine’s attachments to suit your workouts and taste. Just keep upgrading and adding to the SRFT8.

No need to buy all the attachments at once. And, you won’t have to buy more heavy-duty equipment in the near future.

Except weights. You can never have too many weights…

Additional Accessories Include:

  • Jammer arms
  • Flooring mats
  • Lat pull seat
  • Olympic bar
  • Olympic weight plate set
  • Resistance pull up assist bands
  • Adjustable weight bench
  • Aluminum pulley upgrade

Cable Attachments Include:

  • Multi-purpose bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Crunch harness
  • Dual hook 42” straight bar
  • Pressdown bar
  • Revolving curl and straight bars
  • Seated row/chin bar
  • Stirrup handle
  • Triceps rope
  • Triceps strap

Typical of French Fitness gym equipment, you also get a 10 years parts, 1-year labor (light commercial) warranty with this product.

Exercise Options

The SRFT8 is ideal for conditioning, increasing power, building strength, and improving your flexibility. We’ve covered most of the accessories and touched on some of the exercises you can do. Watch the video below to see the SRFT8’s features and exercise options in action.

Here’s a larger list of exercises you can perform with the SRFT8.

  • Chin-ups (different grips)
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Cable flyes
  • Seated and standing rows (single arm and combined)
  • Cable crossovers
  • Shoulder presses
  • Lat raises
  • Static lunges
  • Step-ups
  • Kickbacks
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Deadlifts
  • Landmine exercises
  • Bench press
  • Seated rows

Final Thoughts on the French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer

French Fitness SRFT8 Squat Rack Functional Trainer with attachments on the floor

In short, it’s got a whole lot to offer.

The weight capacity makes it a good fit for decent, above-average, and great lifters.

It looks great. It feels great. And it acts as an all-in-one gym machine.

The brand has even looked after finer details like the equipment’s comfort, safety, and cleanliness features.

We like it. The only thing we don’t like is the final price tag when you add up all the optional extras. But, to be honest, it’s a good investment whether you buy it as it is, or with the full range of extra attachments.

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